How To Increase Winch Pull Power?

by Chris Lewis.

Sometimes we fall into circumstances where we need to pull out a huge load. For instance, your truck got stuck in the off-road rip by accident. In these cases, the winch becomes handy.

You may require a little more power from your winch at that time. So, you need to have a powerful winch to pull your vehicle out of the pit. Yet the question is, how to increase winch pull power?

You don't have to get panicked about it. All you gotta do is perform technically. You have to invest money in a tool called snatch block and read our article till the end.

We will show you how to get more power from your winch. So, be patient and get started.

How To Increase Winch Pull Power?

How To Increase Winch Pull Power?
How To Increase Winch Pull Power?

Although the winch is a tiny little tool, you can't underestimate its power. The winch can pull a tremendous load when you need it.

To get over those tricky situations, it is our only savior. So, you must know how to get more pulling power from a winch. Here, we will give you some valuable tips to deal with your winch pulling power.

The straight pull:

Unless you fall into some inconvenient cases like being stuck in an off-road rip, you won't get to know that it's not always possible to keep the winch line straight. The salespersons will show you the perfect condition of your winch.

The condition that makes sure that the winch line will remain straight during the pull. But it does not happen sometimes.

In that case, the snatch block will let you keep the line straight. No matter how bad the fall is, you will be able to maintain the straight pulling line. And the straight pull will increase the power of your winch.

Likewise, being able to operate the straight pull, you need to create more winch lines by using the snatch block. It will make your work faster. So, the straight-pull is important. If you can't rig straight, use the snatch block.

Single line wrap:

This is another trick to enrich the winch pull power. There is a single wrap of cable around the winch drum.

Each wrap creates an efficiency of 10% carrying the load. If you have a 1000ibs winch with 5 cable wraps, you can only lift 6000ibs weight. Yet, you can increase it using the snatch block.

Using the snatch block, you can rig your winch in such a way that gets your job done.

Doable your winch pulling power:

So far, we just talked about increasing power. But the snatch block can do something more. It can double the winch pull power. But, the trick is a bit risky.

Before we go to this part of our article we want to warn you. If you do not have much knowledge about rigging and winch, then let it go. Or get some professional around you to get the job done. Otherwise, it can cause you some trouble.

Also, be sure about the accessories you have. Make sure it is strong enough to pull the weight you want it to grab. If any weakest link you have in your accessories, the operation may fail.

How To Double Your Winch Pulling Power?

How To Double Your Winch Pulling Power?
How To Double Your Winch Pulling Power?

Doubling the winch pulling power is possible. It's not magic. You just need to follow the science.

When we start rigging, the weights of items distribute to all the winch lines. The trick is, you have to use more than one snatch block and create more lines so that the more weight your winch can load. The more snatch blocks you use, the more capability your winch can gain.

However, it's a risky task even for professionals. So, until you feel confident to do this job, don't go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I make a winch run faster?

A: Simply increase the voltage of your motor to run your winch a bit faster. It's the basic thing. Then latch a running truck to it and see the expansion of speed. It happens because of the rising voltage during charging.

Also, you can take two batteries and clip them into series. It will provide 24v nominal operating voltage. Just make sure that you have installed the appropriate hardware.

Q: How much weight can a winch pull?

A: There are two elements. A hoist and the winch. The winch is for pulling. And the hoist is for the dead weights.

If a hoist can lift 250ibs, then the winch can pull 1000ibs. So, the capability of pulling weight for the winch depends on the hoist you have.

Q: How strong should a winch be?

A: Figure out the weight of your vehicle. Then multiply it by 1.5. The result of the calculation should be the capacity of your winch.

For example, if your vehicle is 5000ibs. Then the winch capacity should be 75000ibs.

Q: How does a winch get power?

A: Winches include motors. And the motors, of course, get power from electricity or batteries.

It turns the drum to spool the cable. So, you can say that either the battery provides power or the motor, things are the same.

To conclude

So far, we were discussing the winch power. We've shown you some way to increase the power of your winch. Now, we're about to finish.

Before concluding the article, we would like to say, keep your gear clean and don't take needless risks.

The more you take care of the gear, the more service the gear will provide. And use the snatch block properly to enrich the winch power. We hope the article will be useful for you next time you operate with your winch.

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