How Much Does Headliner Replacement Cost?

by Chris Lewis.

The headliner of the car is one of the important factors for interior aesthetics. Without them, the inside of the car would look like a junk pile. Aside from the looks, these also function as an insulation material that will keep you toasty in the cold winter.

However, as the headliner is an extra piece of combined material, it is adhered to using some adhesive or glue. And with time, the glue can lose its bonding strength, which will make them sage.

When that happens, one of the questions that arise in people's minds is how much does headliner replacement cost. And if you were thinking about the same thing, you are in the right place.

We are going to give you a short price rundown about the replacement. Alongside that, we are also going to provide you a way to fix the headliner without fixing it.

What Is a Headliner?

What Is a Headliner?
What Is a Headliner?

A headliner is basically a composite material. It adheres to the interior roof of the car using glue and adhesive. The headliner will cover all of the upper surfaces of the car.

As we have mentioned, it boosts the aesthetics of the car and serves as an insulator in cold weather. The ones that are a bit thick and insulating materials can keep you toasty inside the car on harsh winter days.

Other than that, many can also do a proper job of isolating noise. With those, you will be able to play loud music inside your car without having to worry about the sound getting leaked from the inside.

What are Headliners Made Of?

What are Headliners Made Of?
What are Headliners Made Of?

Usually, most of the headliners will be made of nonwoven materials. Many of them will also have foam backing.

No matter what type of material they are made of, there would be multiple layers of the material. Because of that, they achieve the capability of reducing noise and insulating the heat inside.

Other than that, you will find many headliners utilizing tricot knit fabric that will make these achieve a soft-touch exterior.

Those also look a bit fancy and will enhance the aesthetic of the inside substantially. Also, the headliners that are used in yachts are mostly vinyl.

Why Does Headliner Sag?

As we have said earlier, these headliners are stuck to the roof of the car using adhesive. And due to being exposed to the heat and UV rays, the glue can lose its bonding strength.

When the bonding strength is lost, the glue can not hold it with the roof anymore. And that is when they sag.

Aside from that, the foam that is used on the backing can also cause sagging. Over time, they can absorb moisture, which will deteriorate the hold of the glue. And when the hold of the glue is not adequate, the headliner will start falling off.

What Will Happen if I Ignore a Sagging Headliner?

First of all, the interior of your vehicle will look weird. The falling headliner makes it look like that your car is falling apart.

Even if you do not care about the aesthetics that much, you should not ignore a falling headliner because you will not get that much insulation in winter with a falling headliner.

Apart from that, a sagging headliner can also limit the headspace inside your car substantially. It might not let you keep your head straight while you sit inside the car. As a result, you might not be able to sit inside your car comfortably.

And you would not want to sit uncomfortably while driving, would you? That is why you should not ignore a falling headliner.

Can I Fix a Sagging Headliner?

Can I Fix a Sagging Headliner?
Can I Fix a Sagging Headliner?

Before we do get into the price breakdown of a replacement headliner, we would like to let you know that you can fix a sagging headliner without replacing it.

It would be a cost-effective option for fixing the problem. The steps to fix the sagging are as described:

Step 1: Get the Best Headliner Glue

First of all, you will have to get yourself one of the best glues for attaching a headliner. Purchase something that comes in a large quantity because it would be better to have more than you are going to need.

Alongside that, we would recommend getting the spray can glues because the application process gets much easier with those.

Step 2: Locate the Sagging Area

In most cases, the sagging would occur in the front area where the dashboard is. That area is most exposed to heat and UV rays.

If that is the place where the sagging is occurring, the process would be much easier for you. However, there are cases where the sagging would occur in the middle.

Step 3: Remove the Liner from One of the Corners

Once you have located the area where the sagging is occurring, you need to access the upper surface. For that, you might have to take the liner off a little.

Start from one of the corners and remove till the sagging point. Do not remove the liner further from the sagging area, or else you are going to have to use a lot of glue.

Step 4: Apply the Glue and Let It Sit for a While

Once you can access the upper surface, you need to apply even coatings of the glue. Then you will have to stick the headliner and hold it in place for a while. After the glue dries a bit, you can let it go.

How Much Does Headliner Replacement Cost?

If you do not want to go through the hassle of fixing the headliner, you will have to opt for a replacement.

A replacement unit for four-seaters would be around $180. However, if you are rocking an SUV or a JEEP, it would be around $350.

As you can see, the replacement does cost a lot, and it would be much cheaper if you opt for fixing it.


Now that you know how much does headliner replacement cost and how to fix a sagging headliner without buying a replacement, you will hopefully not be as puzzled as you once were.

To conclude, we wish you good luck and hope you can find a good deal on the headliner replacement you plan to buy.

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