Top 10 Best Winch Cover: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

by Chris Lewis.

When you install a winch on your truck or SUV, you're adding tons of extra pulling power. But you're also adding a piece that needs constant care.

For that reason, having the best winch cover to put on can be an excellent idea. Not only will it help you prevent scratches and dust that make the winch look awful but will also make it last longer.

Below, we're reviewing some of the highest-quality winch covers so you can decide which one fits better with your demands. Then, you can pick the one you prefer accordingly.

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El Jefe Premium Winch Cover
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4.8 / 5.0
Off-Roading Gear Winch Cover
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4.8 / 5.0
Smitty Bilt 9728199 Winch Cover
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4.5 / 5.0

Top 10 Best Winch Covers Reviews in 2022

A winch cover needs to be made of quality materials, withstand heavy use, and still provide good looks if possible. Taking these factors into account, we decided to enter the market and look for the best models out there and nothing else. Here's what we found:

 Top 10 Best Winch Covers Reviews in 2022
Top 10 Best Winch Covers Reviews in 2022

1. El Jefe Premium Winch Cover

El Jefe Premium Winch Cover
El Jefe Premium Winch Cover

One of the most popular and undoubtedly the most reliable models to find is the El Jefe winch cover. With a great size that fits 17,500-pound winches, it will certainly fit in most places.

The 24 inches of width, 10 inches of height, and 7 inches of depth will make it big enough for even the bulkiest winches out there.

Despite its size, you still get a sewn-in elastic band. This one ensures that no matter where you install the cover, it will fit snugly. A loosen cover that allows dust and moisture inside - that's the total opposite of this one.

Even then, the construction material is superb. With a decent thickness and elasticity, it can cover any winch and protect it for years.

Let's not forget it is also an excitingly good-looking but straightforward piece. A leather-like material will add a classy touch to your car with this cover on.

And lastly, you can enjoy an excellent price overall. Despite its quality, size, and looks - the cover matches low budgets without an issue.

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty PU leather withstands any use
  • Fits on a wide array of winches
  • Looks classy and attractive
  • Doesn't cost much
  • Fits firmly on most winches

2. Off-Roading Gear Winch Cover

Off-Roading Gear Winch Cover
Off-Roading Gear Winch Cover

If you're looking for something smoother and modern-looking, then you'll love this best winch cover from Off-Roading Gear.

It's not the most beautiful, elastic, or long-lasting you can find. But it performs amazingly well in every category to consider.

It all starts with a neoprene construction. The smoothness it offers combines with high durability, ideal for preventing heavy rains and dust storms from damaging your winch. And what's even better, the material is thick enough to withstand stone hits and even impacts with metals.

At the same time, the material adds a decent look to your car. You won't have an awkward-looking cover that doesn't match your car's color. Instead, the black neoprene fits with almost anything nicely.

And if all that wasn't enough, you still get an elasticized hem that can open up to fit winches of up to 12,000 pounds. That's enough to say that you can make it work with most winches effortlessly.

Highlighted Features

  • Works on medium-sized winches
  • Boasts an attractive design
  • Its material handles any situation
  • Has an elastic and versatile build
  • Protects from any external factor

3. Smitty Bilt 9728199 Winch Cover

Smitty Bilt 9728199 Winch Cover
Smitty Bilt 9728199 Winch Cover

A Smittybilt winch cover is the most reliable option you can get. For a decent cost, this cover will not only protect the winch but also last a lifetime so you can set it up in any other vehicle later on.

Something you'll find pretty enticing about this cover at first is the vinyl construction. In contrast with other models, this one has a more plastic construction that fits tightly but protects like no other. No matter how humid or dusty the area is, this cover will keep the winch safe.

The cover looks completely black, by the way. But this color is enhanced with an XRC logo. So you don't get an utterly dull cover, but something that adds up to your truck looks.

There's a lot more to enjoy, like the ability to fit winches from 8,000 to 12,000 pounds of size. Even with the vinyl construction, you can adjust it easily thanks to the addition of cords on the corners. It can be adjusted to fit snugly on the winch and prevent any filtration even more effectively.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with adjustable cords
  • Boasts an attractive design with a logo
  • Works perfectly with mid-size winches
  • Withstand any situation with ease
  • Attaches tightly to the bumper

4. Seven Sparta Heavy-Duty Winch Cover

Likely delivering the highest quality construction for the cost, this heavy-duty cover will protect your winch like no other at such a price.

It all starts with a polyurethane leather construction. You get the chance to cover the winch with a super-tough material. Not only it keeps dust and water away, but it will also prevent scratches, bumps, and other damage that winches tend to suffer from.

And because it is a highly elastic material, you can expect it to fit even in the largest winches. It is large enough to work on 17,500-pound winches without a problem. Any winch as wide as 24 inches, tall as 10 inches, or deep as 7 inches will be a perfect fit for this cover.

This gets even better with the elastic band design, wrapping around your winch and protecting it even more. So you get double the fitment and protection for an exceptional price.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a good-looking bright black tone
  • Fits on the largest winches
  • Expands and folds with little effort
  • Protects winches in every way
  • Fits snugly and secure on most winches

5. FLYMEI Heavy Duty Winch Dust Cover

FLYMEI Heavy Duty Winch Dust Cover
FLYMEI Heavy Duty Winch Dust Cover

Magnificently affordable but capable of protecting your winch from any exterior factor - this heavy-duty option from FLYMEI won't disappoint you.

Everything this cover offers comes from the super-sturdy construction. Boasting 600D polyester everywhere, it withstands any situation without wear or tear. It is resistant to anything, going from water and high moisture to dust, and even sunlight or UV rays.

The build does not work alone, though. You also get a 21.5-inch wide design that fits even the largest winches, along with 9.5 and 7.5 inches on height and depth accordingly. From 8,500 to 17,500 winches, this cover fits them all.

Apart from its size, you also get a practical elastic band. It will let you fit the cover more easily on top of the winch. And sure enough, the stitches on the seams and band are sturdy enough to handle years of use.

For its price, you will probably find no other cover as practical and durable as this one. So it becomes a go-to option.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes at an unbeatable cost
  • Its material withstands any use
  • Elastic band for extra versatility
  • Fits on medium and large-size winches
  • Boasts an utterly black look

6. Pawsky Heavy Duty Winch Cover

Pawsky Heavy Duty Winch Cover
Pawsky Heavy Duty Winch Cover

Yet another super-cheap but still worth-having winch cover - the heavy-duty model from Pawsky delivers everything you need and a bit more.

It all starts with a 600D polyester construction. It is not the most durable or elastic material, but it is sturdy enough to handle even the toughest of environments. You won't have to worry about the winch getting damaged when this cover is on.

The material has a lot more to offer, though. It will easily last 5 years with proper use, thanks to its UV-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof build. And with the elastic band that attaches tightly to the winch, then you'll appreciate how well it protects the piece.

As for fitment, you'll love the ability 21.5-inch length, 9.5-inch height, and 7.5-inch depth. Even for the largest winches out there, this cover will fit them perfectly.

The best about this cover is the ability to fold into a super-small piece so you can store and bring around with ease. Considering its price and how well it works in any environment, it is a must-have choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Requires no effort to keep clean
  • Fits on small & large winches
  • Sturdy material lasts a lifetime
  • Folds small for ease of use
  • Attaches tightly to the winch

7. Muakioy Heavy Duty Winch Protection

Muakioy Heavy Duty Winch Protection
Muakioy Heavy Duty Winch Protection

For those who want a cover that won't rip or lose strength over time, the Muakioy will meet their standards like no other.

It boasts a hydrophobic material that prevents cracking. Whether it is exposed to a lot of sunlight or extreme colds in winter, the cover doesn't break in the slightest.

This is partly thanks to the 600D Oxford fabric. It adds environmental protection, including extreme weather and dust.

The material is also incredibly easy to clean and keep stain-free. If you want your truck to always look pristine, then you'll appreciate having a cover like this.

Lastly, it offers a super-elastic and practical band. Despite being 21.5 inches in length, you can cover 17,500-pound winches without problems. But even then, you can also use it for 8,500-pound models if necessary, as it shrinks to fit tightly on small ones.

Considering the super-low price it comes at, the Muakioy comes like an exceptional choice for low-budget users.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with mid-size and large winches
  • Comes with a sturdy fabric
  • It's easy to clean & maintain
  • Fits tightly on any winch
  • Protects from all external factors

8. Hersent Deluxe Heavy Duty Winch Cover

Hersent Deluxe Heavy Duty Winch Cover
Hersent Deluxe Heavy Duty Winch Cover

Coming back to affordable but resilient winch covers, it is now time to present the Hersent Deluxe. It delivers a classic design plus one of the sturdiest builds you can get.

The black color with classical build will make it decently attractive. Once you set it up on the winch, it will increase your truck's appeal (or at least not make it worse).

But it is not how it looks that we liked it. The thing that sets it apart is the 600D polyester fabric. You get the quality necessary to withstand any situation, going from windy environments to the moistest or sandiest places.

Another considerable advantage is the elastic hem. It will attach snugly to any winch, whether it is an 8,500-pound or a 17,500-pound model. This will prevent even the highest winds from taking it off the winch.

And lastly, you get a decently small and collapsible material. It folds really small, so you can bring it anywhere or store it with little effort.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes at a fantastic price
  • Fits firmly on most winches
  • Collapses easily for smooth storage
  • Can handle difficult weather
  • Perfect size for medium and big winches

9. X-BULL Winch Cover

X-BULL Winch Cover
X-BULL Winch Cover

If we had to pick the perfect Jeep winch cover, nothing would match the X-BULL model. It is more attractive, more durable, and more versatile than other models in the list - so you'll probably love it.

At first sight, you'll realize it looks different from its competitors. This happens because it boasts the X-BULL logo on the front. This logo is bright red and boosts up the cover appeal. Your Jeep (or any other truck) will look wonderfully attractive with this cover on.

The design is not what we liked the most. It was the construction that genuinely set it apart, boasting neoprene all around. This material offers magnificent durability, probably the highest of all cover materials. Yet, what makes it even more appealing is the elasticity, so you can fit it on any winch.

This combination of elasticity and resilience make it an excellent choice in every way. Along with the 23.66 by 9.84 and 5.91-inch design, you get one of the most practical options out there.

It doesn't matter whether your winch is an 8,500 or 17,500-pound model, whether you need to protect it from dust, water, or wind, or if you're looking to highlight your car's appeal. Whatever you need, this excellent cover offers it.

Highlighted Features

  • Has an extremely good-looking design
  • Withstands even the heaviest use
  • Works on the largest winches
  • Protects from external factors & impacts
  • Fits super-tight for extra safety

10. Ranger ATV/UTV Winch Dust Cover

Ranger ATV/UTV Winch Dust Cover
Ranger ATV/UTV Winch Dust Cover

You probably don't need a large cover for your vehicle. Instead, you may be looking for something small and more fitting for tiny options. In that case, the Ranger Dust Cover will fit like a charm.

It is specifically designed to work on small vehicles like UTVs and ATVs. Or if you have a little 2,000 or 4,500-pound winch on your Jeep, then this one will also work. Either way, you get all the resilience and protection you could need.

Because it is made of neoprene, you can expect next-level durability. This material also delivers the elasticity necessary to fit different-sized winches, as explained before. And because of this elasticity, it also folds up really small, so you can save it up when necessary.

Apart from the resilience and elasticity it offers, this material is also washable. You can clean stains, dust, and more without wasting any effort.

Add the Ranger logo on the front with its bright yellow color, and you'll get maximum visibility at night as well. It provides the whole set of advantages without emptying your bank account.

Highlighted Features

  • Works perfectly for small winches
  • It's completely washable
  • Boasts a good-looking design
  • Has a highly elastic construction
  • Withstand even the most challenging situations

What Factors to Consider While Buying Winch Covers?

With so many quality options to consider, getting the best winch cover that truly meets your demand won't be easy.

Luckily, we can make it a lot easier for you with our buying guide. Below, you'll find a few recommendations that will save you tons of time:

Materials & Durability

There's probably nothing more important than the material that composes the cover. With the right material, you can expect higher durability, more protection, and much better elasticity.

For example, you'll find materials like polyurethane fabrics or leather (vinyl and faux). These are highly protective of water and dust, as well as sunlight. But they can be a bit expensive.

Then you'll find polyester fabric (600D Oxford is a popular choice). This one can handle almost any situation easily. But it is prone to tearing or ripping apart, and it's not as elastic as you may want.

And lastly, you'll find neoprene (which is a rubber-like plastic). If you're looking for maximum elasticity and resilience to all kinds of external factors, this one works like a charm. But it is also expensive.

Overall, just be sure the material can handle the environment you're going to use it on. Otherwise, you will need to replace it sooner than later.

Size & Fit

How big of a winch can the cover work with? This is not too hard to find out. Most covers make it easy to know the size it can handle. Some models can handle winches of up to 17,500 pounds while others are perfectly designed for a small one.

It is not only about overall size, though. You also want something that fits on both small and large winches if necessary. In that case, you should look for elastic bands or hems that fit tightly even if the winch is small.

Versatility & Ease of Use

Lastly, consider the overall elasticity or versatility of the cover. Let's say you're using the winch on an off-road adventure. Where do you store the cover?

That's why a cover that folds small and tightly is a go-to option. This will save you a lot of space and inconvenience.

An elastic hem, tightening cords, and similar features are all worth having as well. They will make it easier to both place and take the cover off when needed.

Winch Cover or Not: Is It Necessary?

It all depends on what you're looking for from a winch cover.

Will it prevent all types of damage on your winch? No.

But it will certainly help with rust by keeping moisture away, scratches from impacts, and will keep it clean by covering it away from external factors.

So, is it necessary? No. But is it critical if you want to keep your winch cover safe? Then yes.

Winch Cover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We decided to bring a few common questions buyers and users have about winch covers. Here, you may find your own doubts answered:

1. Do I need a winch cover?

If you're tired of having to clean your winch before taking your Jeep or truck out, then a cover is a must-have for you. To make it an easier decision: if you want to prevent the winch from getting dirty or damaged, you need a cover.

2. Will a winch cover work in winter?

Yes. A neoprene winch cover, for example, has the perfect construction to withstand even the coldest environments without cracking or tearing. And it will do the same job: keep the winch safe.

3. Can a winch cover prevent rust?

Yes, it will not prevent rust completely but will avoid moisture entering the winch. And that's usually enough to protect it from any kind of corrosion. The winch may still corrode for other reasons.

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Conclusion for Winch Cover Buyers

Setting up your truck's winch with a cover that prevents damage doesn't have to be complicated. You just need to look at our best winch cover reviews and pick the one that matches your needs.

There are tons of options to go for, though. So we recommend taking your time choosing. Otherwise, you will end up with a product that doesn't really help.

With our advice and recommendations, you should have an easier time picking a cover worthy of your money. Whatever you go for, try to prevent disappointment. You won't regret choosing wisely.

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