5 Best Hard Tonneau Cover F150: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs 2023

by Chris Lewis.

Having a pickup truck is always great. It reduces our trouble carrying stuff here and there. Also, it saves money.

If you're a person who carries things through a truck, you are certainly in need of the best hard tonneau cover.

You may have a tonneau cover in your truck. But can you say it's the best quality? Just check it out whether it's the perfect one. If it isn't, you can find our article useful.

Finding the best tonneau cover in the market can be overwhelming. Because most people don't know how to choose the best tonneau cover. But don't worry, we've got your back.

Today, we will demonstrate top hard tonneau covers for Ford F150. Reading the article from the top to the bottom you'll become much more acquainted with it.

And, you'll have no trouble choosing the appropriate tonneau cover for your truck.

Image Name Ratings
BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover
Price Check
4.8 / 5.0
Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover
Price Check
4.7 / 5.0
DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-015 Tonneau Cover
Price Check
4.6 / 5.0

Top 5 Best Hard Tonneau Cover Reviews 2023

 Best Hard Tonneau Cover Reviews
Best Hard Tonneau Cover Reviews

A hard tonneau cover naturally keeps the stuff secure that you store in your truck bed.

It will shield them from the rain, sunlight, bad weather, or the bad eyes of people. So, the cover that wraps the item in your truck is needed to be of good quality.

Going to the market you'll see many of the best hard tonneau cover f150 models. If you don't know which one to buy you'll get into confusion.

To lessen the suffering of yours, we'll share with you . You won't have to look for another one if you choose one of these. So, without further delay, let's get started.

1. BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover
BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

The product we choose in the first place is the best selling product. BakFlip always produces durable things.

The BAK BAKFlip G2 Hard Tonneau Cover is a versatile truck bed cover that provides full bed access. It gives maximum theft protection with high-quality material.

The BAKFlip G2 tonneau cover outfits the premium, OE quality perimeter seals. The outer surface of it provides a lot more barrier from the tricky elements. It is effective and a great veil for the bad weather.

Without barricading the third brake light, the cover offers great access to your whole truck bed.

It's an easy-folding cover. So, whenever you need it to be folded, fold it simply and flip it back against the cabin. No problem will appear folding the cover.

The flexible feature of it will let you load as much cargo as you want.

The BakFlip G2 has an integrated system that will allow you to drive with the cover folded.

It is built of durable, high-profile, solid-core aluminum panels that create a stylish appearance with the stability of substance.

Key Features:

  • 100% truck bed access.
  • Durable, solid core aluminum panel.
  • Low-Profile, stylish appearance.
  • New dual-action tailgate seal.
  • 3rd brake light visibility.
  • Automatic latching panels.
  • Easy installation.
  • Capable of holding 30Ibs weight.
  • 3 years of hassle-free warranty.

2. Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover
Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Gator EFX is one of the classy items of the best tonneau cover in the market. It is built with heavy-duty aluminum panels.

It arrives in a modern flush mount design with rubber seals and a drain tube. The feature is highly able to keep the water away and the gear dry, safe, and secure.

This hard folding cover requires no tool for installation as it features a clamp-on rail system.

So, it is the product of easy installation. Just like that, it is an easy removal item. You can install it within an hour and use it pleasantly as it has 3 years of warranty.

The cover has convenient bed access. You can drive with the cover open or closed when hauling the big loads. You'll face no trouble doing it.

Furthermore, this cover comes with aircraft-grade aluminum folding that can hold up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed cargo.

The ultra low profile design of it and the stylish gloss black finish give it an elegant aerodynamic look.

Key Features:

  • made of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Powder Coat black finish.
  • Capable of holding 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight.
  • Ultra low profile design.
  • Hinges are made of EPDM rubber.
  • Easy installation. Requires no tool.
  • 3 years of warranty.

3. DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-015 Tonneau Cover

DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-015 Tonneau Cover
DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-015 Tonneau Cover

The DNA Motoring TTC-HARD-015 Tonneau Covers are one of the best tonneau covers in the market.

It is easy to install as it includes perfect clamps. The cover features organized storage that will let you load whatever you want in your truck bed.

Without slowing you down, it will protect the gear. If you want open access to your entire bed or one panel open, the DNA Motoring Tonneau cover will be the perfect one. It is a super beneficial cover you can buy.

The TTC HARD 15 is a nice coverage for bad weather. Like extreme sunlight, snow, riotous rain and storms, or whatever the environment is, the cover will do its job perfectly.

And it covers your truck adequately to keep your product safe from the eyes of potential thieves.

The covers also feature an easy-open versatile design. It offers your truck great protection.

Having a Motoring TTC truck bed is charming for a driver. The product is easy to use and provides great value for your money. That's why it is a favorite of many.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install.
  • Improves Trucks Aerodynamics at Speed.
  • Features locking strap for extra security when driving.
  • Perfect fit for your vehicle.
  • Features Powder Coated aluminum plating.

4. Lyon cover Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Lyon cover Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover
Lyon cover Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

With 3 years of warranty, the Lyon cover is a great option you can choose. The cover is made of perfect material. It is constructed with fiberglass that stays cooler than aluminum in the heat.

Not only that, the skin of it can provide more resistance from scratch, water, or any stubborn elements of climates.

Also, it brings a decent look to the truck. And the material, the fiberglass reinforced polymer, is a better material than aluminum.

This cover features a Polypropylene Honeycomb Core. The system creates a strong weight-enduring structure. The Lyon Tonneau Cover has a 350ibs load-bearing capacity. Compared to others, this is an improved feature.

This item beats its competitors completely in it. In addition, its thin skin design provides more space than the other models. So, choosing this one for your truck will be a good decision.

The Lyon cover also features a hinge system. It works as water-resistant. Also, it is rainproof, dirtproof, and snowproof.

In other words, It is a great shield for stubborn elements. On the other side, the cover features an electrophoretic system.

It makes the hardware more corrosion-resistant. And of course, it ensures durability as well. Also, it has a black powder-coated aluminum which is UV-resistant and no fading.

The product is easy to install, can be folded simply and the spring clamps allow you to deal with it effortlessly.

It provides maximum security and is a good protector of your goods. The rubber seals and LED touch lamps are also included. And the appearance of it is as you want.

Key Features:

  • 350ibs load-bearing capacity.
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Core.
  • Fiberglass reinforced polymer.
  • Easy installation.
  • High-quality features.
  • 3 years of warranty.

5. Xcover Low Profile Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Xcover Low Profile Hard Folding Tonneau Cover
Xcover Low Profile Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Those who are acquainted with the market of tonneau cover have heard the name of Xcover.

It's a company that offers tonneau covers of superior quality. The company has 20 years of experience in manufacturing tonnes covers. And it always produces the products of durability and stability.

The Xcover Hard Folding Tonneau Covers come in a low-profile stylish appearance. The cover has a patented pending rail and latched design.

The latch enables a one-finger waiver to unlock and a drop-down lock when you close the cover. That means it locks automatically. And it opens easily as well. Just like we open our laptops in one click.

No matter what the environment is, the Xcover Low Profile Hard Folding Tonneau Cover is designed to perform under extreme situations.

Whether it's rainy, snowy, sunny, or cloudy, your goods will be safe from moisture and dirt. The cover is known for being UV and Cold resistant.

The Hard Panel of the cover is scratch-resistant. And it can provide maximum theft protection.

The solid core hard panel can tolerate a maximum of 500ibs of evenly distributed weight. This is an enormous form of capacity.

It requires no drilling for installation and can be used smoothly. Furthermore, it is coming with 5 years of warranty. Overall, all we can say is, you can't get any better than that.

Key Features:

  • Sleek low profile design.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Up to 500ibs loading capacity.
  • Functional hard panel.
  • Stack pocket access.
  • 5 years of warranty.

Buying Guide for the Best Hard Tonneau Cover

That's the question we face now and then. Between several manufacturers, different models, and styles, selecting a tonneau cover is difficult.

It's difficult until you know what to look for. Consideration of a few things will get you the best hard tonneau cover you need.

Decide what you want

Do you need a cover for your cargo or you're just looking for a showroom look? First, determine what you want. It will help you know what product you should look for.

If you're just looking for a showroom appearance of your truck we would suggest you go for the hardcovers. Otherwise, consider functional covers as most people do.

Choose the style

The next thing to determine is the style. Decide which one you want between folding, retractable, and rolling. These are the common categories you can get in the market.

Folding tonneau covers are popular. People love its multiple panel features that let them access portions of their cargo open while holding the other portions wrapped up.

On the other side, rolling and retractable varieties give more variance in the amount of space.

What to look out for

Bed Rail Caps - It's a feature. A few tonneau covers are compatible with bed and tailgate caps.

You should choose one of these if you've already installed bed caps. Otherwise, look for other models.

Toolboxes - If you have toolboxes, or you're willing to buy them in the future, then make sure the issue is compatible with the tonneau cover.

If the toolbox prevents access to a mount location or it is above the bed rails then you may face a problem.

Track System - If your truck has a truck system you surely need to look for a tonneau cover that is designed for it. Otherwise, it potentially may become an issue of compatibility.

Determine your budget

The last thing to look out for is your budget. The price range of tonneau cover is 250$-1500$.

If you are aware of your budget then you can easily pick the right tonneau cover that suits your fund.

The Benefits of Owning a Hard Tonneau Cover for Your Truck Bed

If you drive a pickup truck, you have probably seen those sleek-looking tonneau covers on large semi trucks. A hard tonneau cover is more than just a decoration, as it provides your truck with some distinct advantages. In an age where everyone seems to be looking for ways cut costs and save money wherever possible, investing in a hard tonneau cover is a great way to use your truck bed more efficiently and help protect the value of your vehicle.

Sleek and stylish

For those who like to look stylishly cool, a hard tonneau cover provides an opportunity to do that without wasting space or spending money on extra accessories.

More secure

A tonneau cover creates a functional barrier between your cargo and the elements. This can be especially useful if you are transporting something valuable or dangerous.

Increased gas efficiency

Allowing your truck bed to remain open while you are driving is a lot like leaving an umbrella out in the rain. A tonneau cover allows you to keep the space beneath it free of wind resistance, which results in a fuel savings of up to 10 percent.

When you're ready to take an important step toward better gas efficiency, investing in a hard tonneau cover is a great option. You can find out more about these products by visiting your New Jersey Sears Auto Center today. We have locations throughout the state, and our expert technicians would be happy to go over all of your options with you and help you make a smart choice for your truck.

The Different Types of Hard Tonneau Covers Available on the Market Today

Tonneau covers are designed to protect your truck's bed from exposure to the elements. They also offer a stylish look of an open-bed truck without sacrificing storage space. Installing a tonneau cover on your pickup is simple and straightforward, yet there are some different types of hard tonneau covers that you should be familiar with before purchasing. There are four main types of pickup truck bed covers available today, including roll-up, retractable, hinged and swing away. Each type serves its own unique purpose for your needs.

Roll-Up Tonneau Covers

The roll up tonneau cover is the most common style on the market today. Most models come with a rigid bar on top of the cover, which rolls on top of your truck bed. Some models offer a soft low profile look with no bar. They are easy to install and cost-effective because they don't require any additional accessories for storage or security. The only potential drawback with this type is that it takes up some space when rolled up, limiting the higher stacking height in your truck bed during usage.

Retractable Tonneau Cover

The retractable tonneau cover has an adjustable support arm that extends behind the cab when in use, taking away some storage space inside your truck's cab when retracted. These covers are very secure with their locking mechanisms, but installation is usually more difficult than other styles because you have to modify existing holes in your truck frame to attach the new cover.

Hinged Tonneau Cover

The hinged tonneau covers are among the most popular on the market today. They fit over your truck bed like a hatchback car, at an angle that allows it to open and close with ease. Hinged tonneau covers typically come with Velcro or custom-fit vinyl seals for increased security when closed, while some models even offer locks for added protection against theft of valuables in your pickup's bed. These styles take up very little space when not in use - making them perfect options for smaller vehicles with shorter truck beds >

Swing Away Tonneau Covers

Last but certainly not least is the swing away style, which rotates on hinges at one end of the tonneau cover. Unlike other styles, swing away covers will work on any type of truck bed because they are not restricted by the vehicle's wheelbase or rear axle. You can find this style in both soft and hard cover options, but it does take up considerable space when folded down. However, this style also offers increased storage capacity while keeping your items safe from outside elements.

The Care and Maintenance Required to Keep Your Hard Tonneau Cover Looking New

Technically, a tonneau cover is not a hard tonneau cover. A hard tonneau, or hardcover, is a rigid vinyl that has been glued to cardboard, then cut and formed into the rigid box shape of a tonneau. The trimmed pieces of vinyl or cardstock are then placed over the bed rails and attached with zippers, snaps, or retainers.

A tonneau cover, on the other hand, is a fabric cover that is stretched over the bed rails and attached with adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners. The advantage of this type of tonneau cover is that you can remove it when not in use for extended amounts of time. If your pickup truck came with a hard tonneau cover, don't worry - it can be replaced in the future.

When properly maintained, your truck bed cover will retain its new look for several years. However, if you fail to follow the manufacturer's instructions on cleaning and maintenance, you may find yourself wishing you had purchased one of those vinyl covers instead of a fabric one. To keep your custom hard tonneau looking great for many years to come, read on.

First Steps in Cleaning Your Hard Tonneau Cover

Some manufacturers require that you remove their tonneau cover when washing the truck itself. Don't think that just because yours doesn't have this requirement that you can skip this step when maintaining truck bed cover! Not only will cleaning your truck bed cover with soap and water help it to last longer, but you will be amazed at the amount of debris that comes off when given a good scrub.

If you didn't remove your tonneau cover before washing the truck body, or if you have neglected the hard tonneau for some time, don't worry - it can still look great after a thorough cleaning with soap and water.

First spray down the entire fabric tonneau thoroughly, then hose it down again to make sure all of the dirt is gone. After this initial wash has been performed, clean out any crevices or cracks, especially where your straps attach to your hard tonneau. If necessary, blow out any accumulated leaves or other debris from these areas.

Now that your hard tonneau has been cleaned and dried, you will need to thoroughly inspect it for any damage or weak spots. If the vinyl is worn out or ripped somewhere, don't wait - use a glue-on patch to cover the damaged area before it gets worse. If there are no major tears or holes in the material, you can go ahead and start applying sunscreen to help protect your tonneau from future wear and tear.

Preventing Sun Damage

One of the main causes of premature wear on your hard tonneau cover is simple exposure to sunlight. While all vinyls, whether they're sun-resistant or not, fade over time when left in direct, there are steps you can take to minimize this problem.

If your hard tonneau cover is vinyl, you should consider applying a sunscreen before inflicting any damage. This way, it will help prevent the sun from fading out your new truck bed cover - even if it's not 100% effective! If your tonneau features a side-mounted gas cap, buy a matching color sunscreen and use a small paintbrush or clean rag to apply the cream neatly around the rim of the cap. To further protect from harmful rays, you may want to look into getting a canopy for your truck as well. Whether you purchase either an aluminum, plastic, or fabric canopy to drape over your vehicle at car shows, this accessory can also work as another layer of protection against direct sunlight.

Hard Tonneau Cover Maintenance Checklist

After you have taken these initial steps in cleaning and maintaining your hard tonneau cover, it is time to put together a regular maintenance plan. Being proactive about this process will help ensure that your truck bed cover looks new for as long as possible - even if you live in an area with plenty of sunlight! Here's what we recommend:

  1. Every month or two, apply sunscreen to the entire fabric tonneau. If necessary, use a clean rag or paintbrush to spread the cream evenly around any straps or crevices where gas caps are located. Remember - don't skimp on this step! Protecting against sun damage is just as important keeping grime off your exterior.
  2. Inspect your tonneau cover every month. If there are any tears or large rips, patch them up before they get worse. You may want to consider applying a heavy-duty, clear coat of nail polish over the damage to keep it from expanding while you wait for a replacement glue-on patch to arrive in the mail.
  3. Don't forget! Take your truck bed cover off before washing the truck itself ! This is one of the most important steps in maintaining custom hard tonneau covers - just because yours doesn't have a specific requirement about washing with tonneau on doesn't mean that it's okay to skip this step!
  4. Clean out any crevices where your straps attach to hard tonneau. If necessary, blow out any accumulated leaves or other debris from these areas.
  5. Let the tonneau cover dry thoroughly before applying sunscreen and inspecting for damage. If there are no major tears or holes in the material, you can go ahead and start using your sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Are Tonneau Covers Universal?

Unfortunately, tonneau covers are not universal. They are constructed for specific models.

However, sometimes a tonneau cover fits more than one model of truck. But until you try it, it's going to be a guessing game.

You have to figure out the year and the model of your vehicle and try to find the best fit.

5 Best Hard Tonneau Cover F150: Reviews 2023 (Updated!)
5 Best Hard Tonneau Cover F150: Reviews 2023 (Updated!)

Most of the time you'll fail. It's going to be better if you follow the guide that is included with the tonneau cover. There, you'll find the recommendation of which truck it's going to fit.

In any case, if you can't find the perfect match, you can consider buying a used tonneau cover. Or sometimes you may have to trim the cover itself or cut the rails of your truck bed.

But it won't look fine. So it's better to find the perfect match. The task is not impossible. All you have to do is search carefully.

Tonneau cover varies depending on the year and the model of the truck. It's a bit troublesome to find out the exact cover. Yet, soft-folding tonneau covers are the easiest choice.

Because they require no rails and clips. At the same time, hardcovers are difficult to fit on the trucks which they are not designed for.

Are Tonneau Covers Easy To Remove?

It depends on the model you use. Yet, almost every tonneau cover is easy to remove.

If we talk specifically, the fiberglass models are most difficult to remove. They may require a forklift, or an overhead crane, or even sometimes more people.

It also depends on what exactly you want to remove. If you just want to remove the cover, then it is easy. If you want to remove the rails too, then you have to spend a little time on them.

Our recommendation, remove the textile cover only as it is the fastest option. And leave the rails in their place.

Most of the time, you'll be able to remove the tonneau cover by yourself. Specifically, if you have the soft rolling covers.

They can easily be taken off in under 15 minutes. Some hardcovers like tri-fold or qual-fold models can also be removed easily.

You just need to be more careful. Some heavy-duty straps tie down with bungee cords. It may rip your pants.

Also, you need to be careful of the scratch. Try not to scratch the bed rails. And it would be better if you call two of your friends when you do it.

Which Is Better: Roll-Up Or Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover?

To figure out which one is better between tri-fold and roll-up tonneau cover, we have to discuss a few things. First, we have to know the benefits we can get from them.

Roll-up tonneau covers

Compared to the tri-fold tonneau covers, the roll-up covers are very simple in appearance. Also, they are easy to operate.

Whenever you require to hit the road with a protector for your cargo, just roll the cover out, it will be ready to go.

With the roll-up tonneau covers, the process of accessing your cargo is so simple. You just need to roll it up.

Then strap it against the cabin. The roll-up tonneau covers are compact and lightweight. You can keep it open while driving or keep it against the cabin. It won't be a problem with that.

If you want to load large things like furniture, you don't have to remove the cover. It will save you time. The uses of roll-up covers are so easy.

The installation of this model is also very simple. It features clamps that require no drilling. It installs without rails and creates a good low-profile appearance.

The roll-up tonneau covers are also available at a cheap rate. Manufacturing a roll-up tonneau cover is much easier than the tri-fold. It takes fewer materials, effort, and time.

If you have an old truck then you can assume yourself kinda lucky. Because the roll-up covers are available for much older and rare trucks.

Benefits of Roll-up tonneau covers

  • Easy installation and removal system.
  • Offers full truck bed access.
  • Compact design and lightweight.
  • Easy to store.
  • Creates a sleek aerodynamic appearance.
  • Availability for old vintage trucks.
  • Cheap price.

Negative sides of Roll-up Tonneau covers

  • Not as sturdy as tri-fold.
  • Compared to the tri-fold, it produces less security.
  • Takes a long time to open and close.

Tri-Fold tonneau covers

Tri-fold tonneau covers are known for their sturdiness. It is available in two different layouts. Hard tri-fold and soft tri-fold.

The hard tri-fold is a sturdy, heavy-duty, rigid frame tonneau cover. And the soft tri-fold is lightweight. It requires no effort to install and remove.

The tri-fold tonneau covers are constructed into two parts. The outer top part is made of tough vinyl fabric material. The inner part is constructed with rigid fiberglass.

It is super hard plastic. The inner and outer layer of it makes it strong and durable. The tri-fold tonneau cover is strong enough to carry cargo on the top.

The sturdiness of tri-fold covers offers better security than roll-up covers. It is hard to pare.

The inconvenience is, while you are going to open it you have to open the tailgate first. But the safety you require, the cover will give you.

Tri-fold tonneau covers sit a little high above the bed rails. Most people have no problem with it, but if you're a man of perfection, you may be irritated with it.

The tri-fold tonneau covers create a tough, bold look. And one thing you have to keep in mind is that this cover doesn't always give full access to your cargo.

Benefits of Tri-fold tonneau covers

  • Sturdiness at its best.
  • Durable and stable.
  • Made of strong materials.
  • Easy to open.
  • Provides top security.
  • Hauling flexibility.
  • Carries cargo on top.

Negatives side of Tri-fold tonneau covers

  • A little bit difficult to install and remove.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Expensive.

From the discussion above we get to know that both Roll-up and Tri-fold covers are perfect according to our choice. And both of them have very little inconvenience you can compromise.

Therefore, considering all the issues here, you can choose which one suits you.

Buy them at Walmart, eBay, Etsy (subject to availability)

TruXedo Sentry Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 1597701 | Fits 2015 - 2021 Ford - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 448329 | Fits 2015 - 2020 Ford - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Gator Recoil Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | G30373 | Fits 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

BAK BAKBox 2 Fold-Away Utility Box | 92321 | Fits 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 All Beds - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

UnderCover Classic One-Piece Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | UC2140 | Fits 2009 - 2014 Ford - Walmart, Etsy, Ebay

UnderCover Classic One-Piece Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | UC2130 | Fits 2009 - 2014 Ford - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

DNA MOTORING TTC-HARD-015 Truck Bed Top Hard Solid Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Replacement For - Walmart, Etsy, eBay

Conclusion for Hard Tonneau Cover Buyers

We hope this Best hard tonneau cover f150 reviews will help you to make the correct decision. Hopefully, you will choose the perfect tonneau cover that meets your needs.

If you can find the best tri fold tonneau cover, it will save you money from low mileage, wrecked goods, and theft. It will also protect your truck bed. That may get you relief from some sort of repairs.

With the buying guides of ours and the recommendation of the 5 best hard tonneau covers for f150 trucks, you'll overcome the challenge of selecting the appropriate truck bed cover.

And also, we would like to advise you that when you're spending money on tonneau cover, buy a high-quality product. You can certainly follow our guide to diminish forthcoming trouble.

Because low profile tonneau covers can save you now, but it will be the reason for your headache a few days later.

So, make no compromise to the top brands, count some money on a good product.

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