Best Inline Fuel Filter: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

by Chris Lewis.

When you are riding an automobile, there are plenty of things that you need to take care of in order to make things properly functioning. The engine is the heart of a vehicle that needs to be kept in good condition.

For this, you need to accommodate your vehicle with all the essentials tools and machinery. A fuel pump is one such important tool that helps in feeding fuel to the engines.

However, a fuel pump often fails to provide fuel according to the minimum standard for vehicle engines. That's when manufacturers came up with the idea of a filtering system. An inline filter helps in gauging the right amount of fuel that needs to be fed into your car.

It is essential to understand that you need to choose best inline filter for your vehicle. A damaged inline filter can lead to engine-related troubles.

So here we are with a list of high-quality inline filters for your car that will provide you with the right performance.

Image Name Ratings
Universal Fuel Filter Barbed
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4.8 / 5.0
Evil Energy Inline Fuel Filter
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4.8 / 5.0
CocoMocart Gas Inline Fuel Filters
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4.6 / 5.0

Top 8 Best Inline Fuel Filter Reviews

Top 8 Best Inline Fuel Filter Reviews
Top 8 Best Inline Fuel Filter Reviews

1. Universal Fuel Filter Barbed

Universal Fuel Filter Barbed
Universal Fuel Filter Barbed

It is a great inline fuel filter from the Universal brand made for the ¼" 5/16 fuel line. Being an amazing product from a leading manufacturer, GenTap, based in Phoenix, this inline filter has been quite popular in the market.

This particular product is the right fit for cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, power equipment, snowblower, and go-kart.

The efficient barbed built of this filter further promotes fuel retention. However, it would help if you used the appropriate clamp in order to make optimal use of this inline filter. Due to the flexible built of the filter, it is super easy to mount into the engine.

Another critical takeaway of this product is that it is an entirely cleanable filter. You can easily clean up the filter at regular intervals and re-use it.

However, it is advised to replace the filters every once a year, especially in small engines to maintain the engine's cleanliness.

The brand is better known for its range of cleanable fuel filters. The filter makes the fuel siphoning super easy and effortless.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, power equipment, snowblowers, and go-karts.
  • Barbed built to promote fuel retention.
  • A completely cleanable inline filter for your automobile.
  • It makes fuel siphoning effortless.

2. Evil Energy Inline Fuel Filter

Evil Energy Inline Fuel Filter
Evil Energy Inline Fuel Filter

Don't go by the name; it just defines the superior power, this filter holds and how it eradicates the impurities from the fuel. Evil Energy has got everything that you would expect from an inline fuel filter. Evil Energy supports a majority of the combustive/automotive engines in the market today.

It comprises a 100-micron filter made from stainless steel that helps filter all the dirt and contaminants from the fuel.

The brand promises to offer extended durability and performance with this amazing inline filter. That's why it comes with an end cap along with the billet aluminum outer body.

The interiors of the filter also contribute to its performance. Mesh screen interior body is specially designed for efficient s=flow of the fuel to the engine.

All these features have a positive impact on engine performance and help in maintaining power. The filter also comes with an O-ring that makes it capable of high-pressure applications as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durably built with billet aluminum exteriors.
  • Efficient flow with mesh and pleated screen.
  • O-Ring for high-pressure applications.
  • Filter the dirt and contaminants from the fuel.

3. CocoMocart Gas Inline Fuel Filters

CocoMocart Gas Inline Fuel Filters
CocoMocart Gas Inline Fuel Filters

If you are looking for best inline fuel filters in bulk, you can definitely go for this particular pack of 10 filters from Cocomocart. It is the latest product in the market that has availed maximum acclamations from the customers.

It is a high quality ¼" gas inline filter that is suitable for lawnmowers, snowmobiles, go-karts, generators, garden tillers, etc. It comes with a magnet design that promotes efficient filtration of the fuel.

The filter will efficiently filter all the dirt, impurities from the fuel. It will prevent the blockage from the carburetor and allow clean flow.

Also, it works excellent with engines of Kawasaki, Deere, Briggs, Stratton, Kohler, and similar automobiles. It also works on the small engine with ¼" or 5/6" fuel lines. With a perfect plastic injection, the filter becomes great heat, abrasion, and corrosion-resistant.

Highlighted Features:

  • Filters all the dirt and impurities from the fuel.
  • Heat, corrosion, and abrasion-resistant due to plastic injection.
  • Ideal for engines of Kawasaki, Deere, Briggs, Stratton, Kohler, etc.
  • Designed for the efficient flow of the fuel.

4. K&N PF-4100 Fuel Filter

K&N PF-4100 Fuel Filter
K&N PF-4100 Fuel Filter

This particular best fuel filter holds a special place on the list due to its unique features. It is essential to understand that the features of this product can be good or bad depending upon your requirements.

The first unique and standalone feature of this product is its build, which is different from the conventional closed cylinder filter. The shape provides more surface area for the filter to maintain efficient flow and filtering of the impurities.

Additionally, the sturdy and durable built, making this product a premium pick for a high-quality inline filter. The design and manufacturing of the product is proof of its longevity.

The large capacity of the filter helps in the filtering process, making it convenient and compatible with the engines. It is essential to check the product for the right fit for your engine.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a unique design and built.
  • More surface area to promote the easy removal of the dirt and impurities.
  • The large capacity of the filter makes room for more filtration.
  • Provides less resistance for durability.

5. Outlaw Racing- Bes Inline Fuel Filter for Motorcycle

Outlaw Racing- Bes Inline Fuel Filter for Motorcycle
Outlaw Racing- Bes Inline Fuel Filter for Motorcycle

A premium product in the market catering to the customers' diverse requirements is the Outlaw Racing Inline Fuel Filter. This filter is particularly significant to treat the issues of clogged carb.

The filter is made with plastic and comes in a cone-shaped built. With a universal fit, the filter will be compatible with any ¼" fuel line.

Not only for your motorcycle, but you can also use this product for scooters, ATVs, and golf cart engines as well.

Either side of the filter will easily fit without any trouble and prevent leakage of any sort. It also helps in detecting whether any cracks are on the filter.

The filter is good to work in high temperatures, and due to the corrosion-resistant built, it can withstand extreme conditions. The filter is capable of filtering impurities of 40-microns and even larger.

Highlighted Features:

  • A universal fit compatible with any ¼" fuel line.
  • Use it with your motorcycle, ATV, scooter, and even golf cart.
  • Prevents leakage and detects cracks at the right time.
  • Filters contaminants of up to 40-microns.

6. FRAM G12 Inline Fuel Filter

FRAM G12 Inline Fuel Filter
FRAM G12 Inline Fuel Filter

The gasoline injected fuel lines come with small injectors that lead to fuel line clogging. That's the reason FRAM inline fuel filter is designed to protect the fuel line and engine.

Due to the nylon-made exterior built, the filter gets a sturdy and protective coverage. The Steel and plastic elements provide FRAM filters a universal fit. Also, the FRAM filter is designed for fuel injection systems and Oxygenated Fuels.

This easy to install filter is a must-have to avoid the hassle and enjoy the seamless fuel filtering. The outside diameter of the filer is 0.3125 inches.

Another major highlight is that this filter will give you superior performance with every compatible engine. In a nutshell, FRAM inline filter is a great pick for your vehicle's needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Protective and durable coverage with a nylon exterior.
  • The 0.3125 outer diameter gives ample space to filter.
  • They are particularly designed for Oxygenated Fuels and fuel injection systems.
  • Easy to install a filter to prevent errors.

7. Aeromotive 12301 Inline Filter

Aeromotive 12301 Inline Filter
Aeromotive 12301 Inline Filter

It is one of the sleekest and slim inline fuel filters that you will find in the market. Aeromotive 12301 inline filter looks more like a hydro flask than like any automotive component. This particular filter is both aesthetically appealing and amazingly efficient.

The lightweight and compact size of the filter make it super easy to install. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily mount it on your engine. There are ten ORB ports and plenty of fittings available on the filter, making it compatible with many engines.

It comes with the O-ring feature that enables the filter to work well with high-pressure applications. The exterior of the filter is also a major highlight. With aircraft aluminum, the filter has a durable built.

Additionally, it has a corrosion-resistant surface, so you never have to worry about corrosion ever.

Highlighted Features:

  • Manufactured with pure aircraft aluminum giving longevity.
  • Lightweight and compact built, making it easy to install.
  • Red anodized finish for a corrosion-resistant surface,
  • O-rings feature support high-pressure applications.

8. K&N 81-0221 Inline Gas Filter

K&N 81-0221 Inline Gas Filter
K&N 81-0221 Inline Gas Filter

Another K7N marvel in the list is this best inline gas filter. The major highlight of this particular filter that makes it different from the rest is the sintered porous bronze filter.

This inline gas filter is primarily designed to promote the rate of acceleration and horsepower of the engine. It is a completely cleanable filter that you can clean at regular intervals and re-use.

The exceptional filtration performance of the filter is highly commendable. The high airflow also leads to better filtration leading to superior engine performance.

The filter can last up to 50,000 miles before you need to clean it up. However, it depends on your driving conditions to determine the right time to change it. You can use this filter with the original equipment manufacturer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with a sintered porous bronze filter.
  • Promotes the rate of acceleration and horsepower.
  • High performing filtration and superior engine performance.
  • Cleanable filter (up to 50,000 miles).

Types of In-Line Fuel Filters

There are four types of inline fuel filters for automotive use: glass-packed, mesh, sediment bowl and spin-on cartridge. Each one performs the same basic function, but varies in construction and design.

Glass-packed fuel filters

These use a fine glass powder to scrub the fuel of impurities. As the glass degrades, it gets deposited into the bottom of the canister (the sediment bowl), where it must be periodically cleaned out.

Mesh inline fuel filters

They are constructed by weaving semi-permeable metal strands together to create a webbing that catches contaminants as they pass through. The advantage of mesh filters is that their capacity for trapping contaminants increases with micron size.

Sediment bowl inline fuel filters

They use an elevated bowl at the bottom of which is located a filter element made from paper or other fibrous material. Contamination collects on this filter element until it becomes full, at which time the bowl must be drained.

Spin-on cartridge fuel filters

They are the most popular for automotive use. A cartridge that has been pre-loaded with a filtering element is inserted into a metal canister, which facilitates removal of the filter for servicing or replacement.

Buying Guide for the Best Inline Fuel Filter

In addition to being aware of what type of inline fuel filter you need, it's also important to pay attention to a few other factors when choosing filters:

Fuel Type

Most of the fuel filters are compatible with different types of fuel. However, it is advised to check the fuel type that the product is compatible with. Some filters do not support diesel - for instance. The type of filter used in the inline filter also makes a great deal. Understand which type of filter will be suitable for your engine. Consult your mechanic for better guidance.


The reason these filters come in different dimensions is to fit with different engine types. So, it is always advised to understand your engine's dimension and cross-check it with the filter.

Filter Media

There are two types of filter media used: synthetic and natural. Both have distinctive features, like natural filters are anti-clogging, whereas synthetic is for better protection.

Micron size

This is how fine the mesh in your filter is and determines its ability to block contaminants from passing through. The smaller the micron size, the finer filtration capability. For automotive applications, look for a mesh size between 50 and 100 microns. In-line vs Plug-In vs Return-Style In-line fuel filters must be placed between the fuel pump and fuel tank in your vehicle, while plug-in and return-style filters can be installed in any position. In-lines are typically more expensive than other types of fuel filters because they require custom installation and additional parts to connect them to your car's fuel system.

Filter Price

Even though not everything you pay for is "better," it stands to reason that a higher price point on an inline filter will generally indicate higher quality construction with finer mesh materials. However, if an inline model is significantly more expensive than its competitors, there may be another factor at play, such as increased flow rate or some special feature that justifies the higher price.

Filter Flow Rate

In-line fuel filters have a flow rate rating, which determines how much fuel they can process per minute. Higher flow rates mean that your engine will have a steady supply of clean fuel flowing through it at all times and also reduces the likelihood that you'll run into problems caused by clogged filters (which is why regular replacement is so important).

Filter Application

In-line fuel filters are available in a wide range of sizes and constructions. In general, the most common type used on cars, trucks, boats and ATVs is the spin-on filter that screws into place between your fuel tank and fuel pump. However, they also come in several other forms from which you'll have to choose: inline with a strainer built in, inline with a pre-filter for large particles ahead of it or in a return fitting behind your fuel pump to protect it from damage due to dirty fuel.

Price vs Quality

Although many higher priced inline models do offer better construction materials and performance capabilities than their cheaper counterparts, it's still possible to find high quality filters that are priced in the mid-range. With that in mind, don't assume that all expensive filters are superior in quality, and be sure to compare several models before you make your decision.

How Do You Install an Inline Fuel Filter?

With a few clamps and fixtures, you can get started with installing your inline fuel filter. You need to buy these elements by yourself as they don't come along with the filter. Here is the step-by-step guide to install inline fuel filters:

  • Buy any two top-quality inline fuel filters from suppliers.
  • Drain the fuel lines in order to make the entire process a little less messy.
  • Now you need to cut the hose that will be enough for the filter to rest easily.
  • The first inline filter is placed after the metal fuel line that exits the pan in the rear transmission area.
  • The second filter will be inside the engine compartment that comes before the fuel pump.
  • Consider the little arrows on the filter to guide yourself while placing them in the right way. These arrows indicate the flow or direction of the fuel flow.
  • Use clamps to attach the filters tightly and rightly on their places. Clamps also ensure that there is a lesser mess during installation.

It is important to maintain your filter properly that will reduce the timeline of replacing it. Replacing the filter is also extremely important to care for your engine's health. Don't rely on cheap inline filters that can directly affect your engine's performance.

Do inline fuel filters reduce flow?

Inline fuel filters are made to filter the fuel and supply fuel to the engine according to the standard requirement. Many customers have apprehension about inline fuel filters and think they reduce the flow of the fuel.

It is important to note that a filter of proper sizer installed without any partially plugged debris will never restrict or reduce fuel flow to the engine. Any sort of clogging resulting from the lack of cleaning can lead to a reduced flow of fuel.

FAQs about Inline Fuel Filters

1. Why do you need inline filters?

These are basically best fuel filters that supply proportionate fuel to the engine according to its standard. Without an inline filter, your vehicle won't be able to pump the right energy into the engine.

2. How does an inline fuel filter work?

The filter has a filtering element that helps in filtering the fuel from the dirt and impurities and supplies the pure fuel to the engine in its right quantity.

3. How long can an inline fuel filter last?

It depends on the way you maintain your vehicle. Typically, a filter can last up to a year or two. It is recommended to replace it within a year.

4. What are these filters made of?

Inline filters are made of different elements. Most of the fuel filters are designed from aircraft aluminum, billet aluminum, or chrome-plated steel.

5. Can I install an inline filter?

Yes, installing inline filters is super easy. You just need the right fittings and fixtures to complete the process. Make sure to buy filters that are easy to install.

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Conclusion for Inline Fuel Filter Buyers

Your automobile has to be in good condition, especially the engine, in order to perform optimally. A fuel filter is a perfect companion for your engine that helps determine the correct fuel quantity pumping to the engine.

Don't gamble with the efficiency of your engine by buying improper inline filters for your car. The above mentioned were some of the top-notch best inline filters in the market that you can probably think about.

Conduct your independent research to know more about inline filters and weigh each product's features before reaching a conclusion.

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