Best Oil Filter Wrench: Reviews In 2023 (#1 is Recommended!)

by Chris Lewis.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. This is surely true about oil filters as their presence and performance in a vehicle is extremely critical.

This small but mighty car part is usually situated close to your engine and functions as an engine oil purifier. If neglected, dirt buildup will begin to cause little vehicle failures that can lead to total engine damage.

Any responsible vehicle owner should take the servicing and maintenance of their oil filter very seriously. The most effective way to achieve this is by having the right tools.

You must have the best oil filter wrench in your toolbox if you're going to effortlessly give your vehicle the tender loving care it needs every time the oil filter has to be changed.

With a plethora of options available in the market, we can understand why you're looking for a guide to help you buy the right tool.

You have come to the right place where we have thoroughly researched and gathered all the relevant information to help you make the right choice. Check out our rundown of top oil filter wrenches on the market and you're sure to find the right tool for your needs.

Image Name Ratings
Workpro W114083A Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench
Price Check
4.7 / 5.0
OEM Tools 25447 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench Set
Price Check
4.5 / 5.0
Tekton 5866 Oil Filter Pliers
Price Check
4.7 / 5.0

Top 12 Best Oil Filter Wrench

Top 12 Best Oil Filter Wrench
Top 12 Best Oil Filter Wrench

1. Workpro W114083A Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

Workpro W114083A Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench
Workpro W114083A Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

If you have been feeling frustrated trying to get your oil filter off, this is the right tool to solve your problems forever. These 12" pliers from Workpro are the real deal for an easy and effortless filter change.

You can use it on almost any type of engine and car. It is especially handy for cars with big engines but you can use it on small cars too. It might feel a little tight to maneuver on smaller vehicles but it will still get the job done.

The oil filter wrench is made from strong carbon steel material. This makes it very durable and super reliable. You don't have to worry about replacing this tool after a hard job because it won't bend or break. With all that strength, these pliers have soft handles for easy handling.

The red grip handles are non-slip to help you keep the tool sturdy even when there's a lot of moisture to deal with. You don't want your oil wrench slipping out of your hand. You want a firm grip that will let you loosen and tighten with ease.

If your filter is within 2 - 3/4" or 4 - 1/2" in diameter, this tool will be the perfect fit. It is equipped with a permalock fastener to keep the nuts and bolts in place so they don't fail you right in the middle of an oil change.

This is truly a highly adjustable oil filter wrench, suitable for varied uses. You are sure to enjoy it just the same on your truck, car, and lawnmower.

Highlighted features

  • Made from high carbon steel.
  • Has permalock fastener.
  • Can be used on many car sizes
  • Non-slip grip handle

2. OEM Tools 25447 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench Set

OEM Tools 25447 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench Set
OEM Tools 25447 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench Set

You can say goodbye to years of scrambling to reach your engine for an oil change when you have this set. As one of the best oil filter wrench sets on the market, we highly recommend OEM Tools 4-in-1 set for many reasons. This really gets into the tightest of corners.

If your engine isn't big and you haven't had any success with finding the right tool for small spaces, we just solved that dilemma for you. Because of its compact build, this unit is also easy to store.

Some people take one look and think it will be easier to store a single standing wrench than this set. On the contrary, this entire set can squish down to a small size for easy storage and space-saving.

This oil filter wrench set is super sturdy. The bands are made of solid steel and each part is reinforced for durability. The pins are equally strong and will truly hold each band together so it doesn't give way.

Even the paint on this set is so strong we don't think anything can really chip it off.

Each band is made 1" wide and can be installed or removed with two detent pins by the side. The flexible swivel handle makes it easy to reach different areas. The size range is 2 - 3/8" and 4 - 3/8". That means you can utilize this single set in many applications. The wrench not only saves your space, but it also saves money too.

Highlighted features

  • Has 4 steel bands and one swivel handle.
  • Built with web lock design.
  • Compact design.

3. Tekton 5866 Oil Filter Pliers

Tekton 5866 Oil Filter Pliers
Tekton 5866 Oil Filter Pliers

Do you have a really tight oil filter that is so hard to pull off you're convinced it was tightened by the hulk?

If you were afraid you would never be able to get that thing off at home you're wrong. This super handy oil filter pliers from Tekton will do such an amazing job you will be in awe.

The slip joint design makes it easy for the user to adjust the size without needing tools or wasting too much time. It has long handles to allow you to reach hard-to-reach areas.

Another reason why you should love this set of pliers is that they are seriously strong and yet soft to hold and comfortable to use. Although solid, the non-slip grip is properly made to increase comfort as you work hard on stubborn oil filters.

We have to warn you, the combinations of strong teeth and incredible grip on this strong set of pliers can cause chipping, bending, and squeezing on metal parts of your oil filter.

Because of this, we recommend this for use when you want to yank an oil filter off and not just change it. You're most likely to damage the original set in the process so leave this tool strictly for removal and not a replacement.

If you have enough room to work and move these long pliers around, you have found the perfect handy tool for the toughest of oil filter removal.

Highlighted features

  • Slip joint design.
  • Comfortable non-slip grips.
  • Right angle teeth.
  • Long handle.

4. MotivX Tools MX2320 Oil Filter Wrench

MotivX Tools MX2320 Oil Filter Wrench
MotivX Tools MX2320 Oil Filter Wrench

You might not look at this tool if you're on a tight budget but it is one of the strongest and most accurate oil filter wrenches in the market. You will never need to buy another oil filter wrench after this purchase from MotivX Tools.

The MX2320 is built to withstand heavy usage and still perform optimally for years. That is why the manufacturer uses high-grade T5 aluminum in construction. Each wrench is forged under extreme pressure, not cheaply cast like other aluminum wrenches that fall apart with much use.

The plastic cap that covers the housing is also made from durable material and will not be broken apart like steel stamped wrenches.

Apart from the strong build, this excellent quality oil filter wrench is also properly finished with a coat of black anodized finish. This step protects the body from corrosion and keeps the laser printed logo in tack no matter the circumstances of use.

The MX2320 is a perfect fit for many Toyota and Lexus cars including Tundra, Rav4, Rx Series, Sienna, Camry, Highlander, and more. It will work well with any vehicle that has an engine of 2.5 to 5.7 liters capacity. The housing of the wrench contains a 64mm ring and the tabs of the oil filter housing.

The parts are neatly organized this way to create the simplicity of use and ease of storage. It also reduces the chances of damaging the plastic protective cover. You're sure to enjoy this super durable oil filter wrench as a Toyota owner.

Highlighted features

  • Made from high-quality aluminum.
  • Treated with anodized finish.
  • Carefully forged under pressure.

5. Swpeet S438 Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Set

Swpeet S438 Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Set
Swpeet S438 Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Set

From motorcycles to trucks and cars, the S438 wrench set from Swpeet is the perfect tool for loosening, removing, and reattaching your oil filter wrench. It offers high durability and strength because it is made from hardened steel.

This strong body is quoted with black oxide to fortify the durability and keep the wrench set from corrosion and rust. You're sure to be using and storing this set for years without a single problem or worry.

The strong body is complemented by a soft grip so your hands do not hurt as you work with the wrench. The vinyl grip is safe, comfortable, and allows for the highest maneuverability during filter changes.

This oil filter wrench is designed with a sliding joint which makes the jaw fully adjustable. You can move the clamp around to get a looser or tighter fit as desired while you work. This tool-free adjustability makes the wrench a very easy to use and highly versatile wrench. With three strategic positions provided, you can move the wrench from 2.75" to 3.75" with ease.

This wide adjustment allowance makes this a great tool for a wide variety of applications. It can be used domestically in the garage, in a professional mechanic shop, on a farm, and just about anywhere engines need to be maintained.

Highlighted features

  • Adjustable jaw.
  • Versatile.
  • Complete set with pliers and universal jaw.
  • The wrench is made of hard steel.
  • The jaws are made from high-grade, chrome-plated steel.

6. OEM Tools 27196 10 Piece Oil Filter Wrench Set

OEM Tools 27196 10 Piece Oil Filter Wrench Set
OEM Tools 27196 10 Piece Oil Filter Wrench Set

This is the most expensive option on our best universal oil filter wrench list but the set has so much value to offer we feel it is a huge bargain. OEM Tools did not disappoint yet again with this well-made oil filter wrench set to cover a wide variety of needs.

You might not have much use for this set if you only have a single vehicle and don't need to change your oil filter regularly. A car enthusiast will have better use for this set and its varied applications.

Because this is a very specialized oil filter wrench set, it is a perfect fit unlike universal products and other cheaper models.

Because of the excessive strength and grip that some oil filter wrenches are built with, they can do more damage than harm to the outer casing of your oil filter. This model is built to be strong yet soft on your equipment. You can easily remove and replace your oil filter without squeezing or breaking the outer shell.

Any automotive technician should definitely purchase this professional oil filter wrench set as they will need it a few times a week. Not everyone is used to blow molded cases but this one is not a miss. The chosen sizes are strategically molded to deliver the most value in many situations.

When you have this amazing oil filter wrench set in your hands, working on your car will become so easy that what was once a chore could become your hobby.

Highlighted features

  • Coated with paint.
  • Will fit 3/8" extensions and rackets.
  • 10 piece cap style oil filter wrench set.
  • Made from strong steel.

7. Channellock 209 Oil Filter Pliers

Channellock 209 Oil Filter Pliers
Channellock 209 Oil Filter Pliers

When you have a mechanical job at hand, it is extremely important to equip yourself with the correct tools. Some people try regular wrenches, high-end products, and do-it-yourself methods before they realize they need a more lasting solution.

You can skip all the steps in the learning process if you purchase this 209 oil filter pliers from Channellock. This set of sturdy pliers was tailor-made for the most stubborn oil filters out there.

If yours won't budge until an excessive force is applied, all you really need is a Channellock 209 and not more energy. A customer once likened its grip to that of an alligator crushing a human skull. Although extremely metaphorical, that description is quite true.

Channellock has been manufacturing excellent pliers since 1886. The company is still producing some of the best instruments available in the industry with more than 120 trusted products on the market. This 209 9-inch plier is a solidly made tool.

It has been carved from strong carbon fiber steel so it remains strong and reliable for all your workshop needs. The C1080 steel is nicely coated with an electronic coating to prevent corrosion and rust. These pliers can handle anything related to oil filters and large PVC parts without problems.

The strong body is accompanied by an extremely comfortable handle. This easy to use handle comes in Channellock's signature blue color so it is both easy to find and beautiful. The PermaLock fastener design ensures a stronghold that removes all chances of bolt and nut failure on your sturdy pliers.

This is the efficient, comfortable, and pocket-friendly option for all vehicle owners with the toughest oil filter and you should surely purchase one if you fall into this category.

Highlighted features

  • Laser heat-treated teeth.
  • Equipped with PermaLock fastener.
  • Made with C1080 steel.
  • Comfortable blue handle.

8. Ibetter 1810 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Wrench

If you have a Toyota car and you prefer cap style wrenches, you cannot miss this exceptional heavy-duty wench from Ibetter. Made from strong aluminum alloy material, this is the best heavy-duty option on a budget if you're not good with equipment care.

This oil filter wrench can handle tons of abuse and still live a long life. No matter how many times you drop it or it scratches against other equipment in storage, it will not chip or dent. The anodized black finish coating also helps to keep the color coat intact for years to come.

Although you won't pay a lot of money for this high-quality oil filter wrench, you will get amazing value from it that is comparable with a high-end wrench.

This is the perfect tool for removing and fixing your oil filter without worries. Whether you drive a Toyota or Lexus, this oil filter wrench will fit perfectly and give you a snug screw. Some customers complain of breakage, but this will only happen if you crank the tool on too tight.

This is generally a great product and it comes with excellent customer service from the manufacturer. Delivery is very fast so you don't have to wait forever to change your oil filter after ordering.

Each oil filter wrench has a 1-year guarantee for customers to enjoy. You can return the product if it doesn't fit your needs or request a replacement if it breaks within the guarantee period.

Highlighted features

  • Made from 6065 aluminum alloy.
  • Has a black anodized finish.
  • Fits most Toyota auto models.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

9. Jdmon 3 jaw Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

Jdmon 3 jaw Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench
Jdmon 3 jaw Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

If you can only reach your oil filter through the bottom, this is the perfect wrench tool for you. Other styles of oil filter wrench can take on an oil filter in the normal upward position but this is what you need if yours is different.

With a solidly constructed body, this adjustable oil filter wrench from Jdmon is the perfect tool for varied applications. It comes with two replacement connectors. One is 1/2" while the other is 1/4". These connectors allow the 3/8" wrench to be adjusted to different sizes for you to enjoy the versatility of a single piece of equipment.

Although this socket wrench is lightweight and portable, it is made of high-quality materials and can withstand a lot of pressure. You will be using this oil wrench for a long time and not have to replace any parts.

This oil filter wrench is on the big side. That means it might not fit on your vehicle if your filter is of a small size. Take note that customers with bigger engines and oil filters enjoyed the most grip from the wrench. Customer service is a breeze with this company.

You will speedily receive your wrench neatly wrapped and protected. Customer service is also very responsive to buyer's complaints. They will change or replace your adjustable wrench provided your case is valid.

Highlighted features

  • Comes with two replacement connectors.
  • Chrome plating.
  • 3/8" adjustable wrench.

10. CTA Tools 4325 Oil Filter Wrench Set

CTA Tools 4325 Oil Filter Wrench Set
CTA Tools 4325 Oil Filter Wrench Set

What is better than 1 oil filter wrench? The answer is 4 oil filter wrenches. With this professional wrench set from CTA, you get what you paid for and a little extra. All four wrenches are heavy duty.

They are swivel type wrenches with different sizes (57-33mm, 65-83mm, 75-95mm, and 92-111mm). With all this value, you're still given a strong and durable stand to house your 4 wrenches with ease. Serious mechanics and vehicle enthusiasts know the value of this wrench set with just one look.

If you're not going to be changing a lot of oil filters, you should probably get a simpler and cheaper tool. This professional set is best used for fleets and in other areas where there is high traffic of vehicles to be worked on. You can still use this set as an individual at home but it might be wasted on you if it isn't used often.

This set is under $40. That is up to $50 cheaper than similar products in the same category. This means you are enjoying tremendous value for your purchase as the price is actually very pocket friendly. Mechanics on a budget will love this set and even enjoy it better when in use. It delivers adequate grip and does not damage the oil filter housing because of its firm but gentle hold.

Highlighted features

  • Complete 4-piece oil filter wrench set.
  • Comes with a strong stand.

11. Bastex TL50 Long Handle Oil Filter Pliers

If you're not sure what size your oil filter is, or you have a variety of filters to change on a regular basis, it is always best to go with an adjustable tool. Whatever width you need to make sure the wrench you're using holds your oil filter firmly, this tool has the right size.

It is the most adjustable oil filter wrench on our list and has 7 different fittings for you to select from per job. The heat-treated wrench teeth are specially made to provide maximum grip every time you need to hold and remove that stubborn oil filter.

Made of hardened black steel, you couldn't have wished for a more durable and reliable set of oil filter pliers. The handle is also made with non-slip technology to help you have a proper hold every time you handle it. Not only is this wrench super strong and comfortable, but it is also very stylish.

The sleek black steel finish topped off with red on the handles makes it look very sophisticated. We know you're probably only worried about functionality but it doesn't hurt that this tool looks really good. The good news is it will stay looking that way for a very long time.

Whether you're a mechanic or a novice, you can easily use this tool. You need this super adjustable wrench in your shop when you're starting out and when you've gathered tons of other equipment. It won't ever go out of style and it will remain super handy forever.

Highlighted features

  • Delivers a secure grip.
  • Has long handle with non-slip grip.
  • Laser heat-treated teeth.
  • Adjustable to 7 settings.
  • Made of hardened black steel.

12. Lisle 57030 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench

Lisle 57030 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench
Lisle 57030 Swivel Oil Filter Wrench

When the best of the best speak highly of something, you have to pay close attention because they are probably right. Industry gurus only have good things to say about this super sturdy, long-lasting diesel and oil filter wrench.

All strap style wrenches are meant to be easy to use because of their simple design. However, some come with poor bands that are either too weak or too slippery to get a good grip. This swivel wrench from Lisle is a gold needle in a haystack and you didn't even have to dig deep before you found it here.

The swivel handle on this wrench will allow you to spin 180 degrees very comfortably. The steel band will hold a nice grip all the while as you turn.

It is coated with a textured pattern to ensure your grip is never compromised. The special tabs hold the handle firm to prevent sliding and further enhances use and grip.

This wrench delivers unbelievable value for money. If you have done any shopping around for strap style wrenches, you will see that some of the best easily come at 5 times the price of this product.

Even with their exorbitant prices, the competition doesn't last as long and perform as well as this powerful equipment. Unlike its mostly flimsy counterparts, expect a very long life from this comfortable, sturdy, and easy to use wrench.

Highlighted features

  • Made with strong stainless steel.
  • Flexible swivel hand.
  • Has tension adjusting knots.
  • Textured coating.

What To Look For While Buying Best Oil Filter Wrenches

If you conduct car servicing and maintenance, you just have to have an oil filter wrench on you. This simple tool comes with lots of advantages.

However, with the many options available, you will need some tips to make a good choice. Here are the top things you should consider when looking to buy the best oil filter wrench for stuck filter.

  • The size of your filter : not every vehicle has the same size of oil filter on it. You must consider the size of your vehicle's filter or you can easily buy a perfectly good wrench that you can never use on it. Some wrenches are adjustable and made to be universal, however, you musts till know the size of your filter to use them.

  • Quality and performance of the wrench : you surely want a wench that will get the job done in an excellent way. Always select an oil filter wrench that has been made with high-quality materials. Also, check out product ratings to find out what others are saying about the performance of the tool.

  • Adjustability : some oil filter wrenches come fixed while others are super adjustable. If you're going to be working on a single vehicle, you might not need high adjustability, only a wrench that fits your filter snugly. However, if you have many vehicles or work in a car repair shop, you should go for the highest available adjustability to get more value for your money.

  • Ease of use : you don't want to buy trouble on your hands. That is why the oil filter wrench you choose should be easy and straightforward to use. Male sure your wrench has a good grip does not easily slip and is strong enough to take off your filter with ease no matter how tight it is.

  • Durability : most oil filter wrenches are made of metal. We all know how prone to rust and corrosion metal is, especially when not stored properly for an extended period. You should go for a wrench that has been properly made and coated with proper anodized finish. This will help prevent rust and corrosion. It means your tool will last longer and serve you better.

Do I Need An Oil Filter Wrench?

If you service and maintain vehicles regularly, you're going to need an oil filter wrench.

Even as a non-professional, if you love to work on your own vehicle instead of running to the mechanic for basic needs, this tool will prove invaluable in your workshop.

There are many reasons why purchasing an oil filter wrench will be a good investment for you. Here are a few to help you understand why it is really necessary.

  • Cost-saving : when you're handling your own oil filter changes, you only have to pay for a good wrench and a new oil filter. You get to save the money you should've spent on a professional for his services. You also get to avoid extra repairs on your vehicle from waiting too long before you reach a professional for an oil change.

  • Saves you a trip to the mechanic : apart from the money you save when you handle this chore yourself, you get to avoid the actual time-consuming trip to the mechanic. It's bad enough that you will be paying a good sum for their services, but mechanics will make you drop-off, wait and pick up when they're done. Handling the process in your garage at your convenience is extremely convenient.

  • No damage from using the wrong tools : some people believe they can repurpose the one thousand and one tools they already have in their toolbox for an effective oil filter change. This stubborn assumption will leave you with a damaged vehicle when you apply the wrong tool and it causes damages.

What Are The Types Of Oil Filter Wrenches?

If you have ever worked on oil changes for any vehicle, you can admit the oil filter can be pretty tough to deal with, especially if it's the vehicle's first oil change. You don't have to resort to the caveman screwdriver style to yank that filter cap off.

There are many options at your disposal and you can make the right choice depending on your needs and the type of oil filter you want to work on. Here are the most common types of oil filter wrenches available in the market.

Chain : this type of filter is the best for extreme grip. The chain wraps around the oil filter and tightens until it holds a death grip that crushes and oftentimes destroys the cap of the oil filter.

This tool is only necessary for extremely hard to remove oil filters. Some of them come with a handle while others don't but they all serve the same function. If you're not prepared to crush and lose parts of your oil filter, stay away from this kind.

Spider : this is a truly universal style oil filter wrench. The design usually features 2 or three legs that attach firmly to the oil filter. This type of wrench fits perfectly into tight spaces. Some even have a spring-loaded design that allows you to operate hands-free, perfect for very tight spaces.

As you turn the spider wrench, the three claws or jaws hold the oil filter even tighter. They fit so many types of oil filters that you won't have a problem even if you need to use a wrench on multiple cars a day.

Band : this style of oil filter wrench is very simple to use. All you have to do is loop the band around the filter, tighten it with the knob and begin to twist it with the handle when you have a good drip.

They used to come with several interchangeable handles but many models these days have a swivel handle that allows for more maneuverability. If you select one with a swivel handle, it makes handling easier, better, and more possible in tight spaces.

Pliers : many people love plier wrenches because of their strong grip. This type of oil filter wrench will usually grab the filter in three or four points and then you can yank it off. Most of them are aggressive so don't expect to reuse your filter cap after successful removal.

Many mechanics use this tool to tear of welded oil filters. The handles are long and good wrench pliers have a non-slip grip to help the user maintain a firm hold on the job.

Many of these plier wrenches are also adjustable. That is very convenient so you can have multiple uses for a single tool. Also, take note that pliers will work best when you have plenty of clearance to work with.

End cap/socket : if you have a recessed filter or simply don't have enough space to work with, this type of filter is perfect for you. They are usually designed to be a perfect fit for certain vehicle models. Because of this, a cap or socket filter will not slip.

It fits snugly when compatible and holds tightly for loosening or tightening. The problem with this type is that it is designed to fit a fluted style filter and will not work if you have odd-shaped filter heads.

Are All Oil Filter Wrenches The Same?

There are several kinds of oil filter wrenches available. There is a plier, band, chain, cloth strap, socket, spider, and more wrenches.

Even tools in the same category have many differences depending on the purpose used and the manufacturer's special touch.

Band and chain filter wrenches look very alike. Socket and plier wrenches are the most popular. Every version has a different way of gripping the oil filter for loosening and/or tightening.

You can select the right type of oil filter wrench for you based on the model of your vehicle. Some wrenches are made specifically to service certain vehicles and so they are always a perfect fit. This option is very good if you have a single vehicle and only plan to perform oil changes on that vehicle.

People with more than one vehicle would rather go for universal type wrenches that can fit different models and engine sizes. These types of wrenches are usually highly adjustable.

The choice essentially boils down to your personal preference. However, make sure to properly inspect the tool you select and compare it with your needs.

How To Use An Oil Filter Wrench For Easier Oil Change

The way you use an oil filter wrench will depend on the type of tool you have. No matter the type you are using, remember the following general rule of thumb: everything works by right-hand threads.

That means they tighten clockwise and loosen counterclockwise. You will rarely see another orientation than this.

Since strap and socket wrenches are the most popular, we will talk about how to use those for an easy oil change.

Note that the process of changing your oil may seem simple but it can get very tricky very fast when you don't have the right tools. No matter what you do, ensure you're using a fitting oil filter wrench for the job.

  • Ensure your vehicle's engine is completely cool before you start working. Make sure you leave it to rest for at least an hour if it has just recently been used.
  • Have a drain pan handy and place it under the oil filter so it catches any excess oil.
  • With a strap tool, place the band over the oil filter ensuring the back of the handle is counterclockwise. Push the handle in that direction to loosen. Take the wrench off the oil filter and finish the job by hand.
  • With a socket tool, push the wrench into the bottom of the filter's casing. Use a ratchet handle to turn clockwise. Turn until the filter casing begins to loosen. Remove the wrench and finish off the job by hand.

Best Oil Filter Wrench Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about oil filter wrenches, you're not alone. Get more insight from these frequently asked questions to make a more informed decision.

  • What's an oil filter wrench?

It is a very useful tool for car servicing and maintenance. because your vehicle's oil filter accumulates grime and grease over time, it has to be changed periodically. The engine of vehicles does a lot of work and gets very hot often.

Oil is required to cool everything down and help each part work more optimally. For the oil to be well distributed without contaminants, an oil filter is needed.

The performance and fuel economy of your vehicle will be adversely affected if you have a bad oil filter. Sometimes, the problem could even lead to engine damage. It is good to periodically change your oil filter for a new one using an oil filter wrench.

  • What's the best oil filter wrench for tight spaces available?

Unfortunately, oil filter wrenches are not one size fits all. What works for your neighbor will probably not work for you.

He best type of oil filter wrench for you depends on a few things including the size of your oil filter, how tightly it has been screwed and how much space there is around it for maneuvering.

  • Where can I buy an oil filter wrench?

You can purchase an oil filter wrench online. Different manufacturers sell their products on their website. However, if there will be a shipping problem there, you can always use big online retailers and have the product speedily shipped to you.

If you're one for physical examinations, you could walk into a car shop and purchase one. However, note that you will probably get more variety from online stores.

  • Is there an alternative tool for an easy oil filter change?

You can try some other methods besides oil filter wrenches but you should know that you are taking a risk. An oil filter wrench is specially designed for the task.

Therefore, it will provide you a smooth, fast, and seamless oil change. Other tools could waste your time, make a mess, and seriously damage your vehicle.

  • Do oil filter wrenches last long?

Ideally, they should. There are some poorly made products in the market, that is why we recommend the best oil filter wrench tools reviewed in this post.

If you take good care of the tool, it will last for years to come and serve its function properly. If given proper care, you can even pass your wrench down to your children.

  • When should I use an oil filter wrench?

You should use an oil filter wrench when loosening the cap of your oil filter. The tool can also assist the tightening process, but that part should mostly be done by hand.

Because of the very tight grip, using a wrench for tightening could damage the cap of your oil filter.

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Powerbuilt Self-Adjust Oil Filter Pliers 30 Degree Angle Jaws, 2-1/4 to 4-3/4 inch, Auto - eBay Link

Motivx Tools 5pc Low Profile Cartridge Style Oil Filter Socket Set - Includes 24mm, 27mm, - eBay Link

Lisle 61660 86mm 16-Flute End Cap Wrench Set - eBay Link

Motivx Tools 2pc Oil Filter Wrench Set for Toyota & Lexus Vehicles - Includes Wrenches - eBay Link

Conclusion for Oil Filter Wrench Buyers

Although oil filters are not very expensive, the function they perform in your vehicle is priceless. It only makes common sense to pay attention to maintaining and changing this critical car part when needed. The right way to easily change an oil filter is by using the best oil filter wrench set available.

You might be able to get the job done with a combination of other tools but that way, you are risking damaging your vehicle or making a huge mess. It can end up costing you more time and money which you don't need.

If you already know the importance of having the perfect oil filter wrench in your toolbox, you should start searching for the perfect fit. Many people have to endure a lot of trial and error to get the right wrench for their vehicles.

However, with this detailed guide, you can skip all the frustrations and pick a winner from our list of excellent oil filter wrenches. Before you make a choice, consider all the factors mentioned above and have all your curiosities put to rest by the rich information provided in this post. You will be in the best position to choose a great oil filter wrench after digesting the information in this post.

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