How Often Do You Wax a Motorcycle?

by Chris Lewis.

Aside from cars, motorcycles are mostly used for transportation making them prone to dirt and minor damages to their exterior. It also requires cleaning to maintain its beautiful design and to avoid damages to its sensitive parts.

However, washing is not enough. You must also preserve its outer coating by protecting it from external factors and this is where waxing takes place.

Waxing is a great way of taking care of your precious bike. It can make a big difference to your motorcycle in terms of appearance by giving it a clean and glossy finish while protecting your paint, making it long-lasting. But how often do you wax a motorcycle?

Well, this question is frequently asked by motorcycle owners. Our answer to that is that it depends upon the wax you are using.

Here Are the Instances

How Often Do You Wax a Motorcycle?
How Often Do You Wax a Motorcycle?

#1 Depending on the requirement

We advise you to check the manufacturer's advice on how often you should wax using their product which is usually located on the packaging.

#2 Water stops rolling on the surface

Nevertheless, you can easily tell if your bike needs waxing when it's wet, the water stops rolling on the surface then it must need another application.

Though most people only wax the exterior of their motorcycle, some apply such products to other parts of their bikes.

What Wax to Buy?

What Wax to Buy?
What Wax to Buy?

Many brands will offer you their all-in-one products. But this could contain harmful chemicals that could damage your motorcycle, so we suggest you buy specific waxes for the parts and any surfaces you wish to wax.

Keep in mind that some wax is mostly made up of chemicals that are not good for certain surfaces. Some surfaces are sensitive to synthetic ingredients so it's better off to use an organic wax to it while other surfaces can handle such solutions.

You can use paste, spray, or liquid depending on what surfaces you're waxing. It might give you better results. Experiment with certain surfaces (avoiding the sensitive parts) to know what's best for your bike.

But if you want to give your entire bike a makeover then we suggest you consider getting a kit. There are many budget-friendly kits available in the market which includes various products depending upon your need.

Make sure that the kit you will be using is versatile and includes components that maintain the plastic, metal and leather parts of your motorcycle. A kit that will give you the desired outcome should be what you invest in.

Types of Wax

Types of Wax
Types of Wax

To avoid disappointment and to achieve the appealing coating that you want, you should be knowledgeable about the types of wax and how it affects the paint of your motorcycle.

Nowadays, two types of wax are in demand and prominent to motorcycle users. They differ in various aspects such as composition and price, but they still execute the same purpose-to enhance the appearance of the motorcycle.

  • Carnauba Waxes

Carnauba is the first type of wax that you should know about. This organic substance is made of Copernicia cerifera tree leaf extracts from Brazil.

Usually, it's mixed with beeswax and other polymers for a durable coating, making it the kind of wax you can expect to bring great effect while being safe and reliable.

Its composition makes it a hard substance that leaves a tough and durable finish that offers remarkable protection. A lot of experts recommend this wax because it is organic and worth the price.

However, it only lasts up to two to four months, so we suggest you stock up for it to last a year.

  • Synthetic Waxes

On the other hand, synthetic waxes are also emerging in the market. These waxes are composed of various chemicals without natural products included. Using these products requires proper handling to make sure that no risk occurs.

Also, its composition provides a tough uniform barrier and a pleasant overlay.

Users have been choosing this type of wax because it's easy to apply and budget-friendly.

How Do You Apply Wax?

How Do You Apply Wax?
How Do You Apply Wax?

Aside from understanding the types of wax, you should also follow several tips and steps so that no harm could happen in the workplace and to avoid negative effects.

If steps are executed properly, the process will only take less than an hour, so don't think of doing it in your way because it might lead to an unexpected finish.

As advised, you should apply at the shaded area that is not directly hit by the sun. This will allow you to spread the wax without getting dry easily.

Before starting the application, make sure that you have washed and dried the motorcycle. Following this will help you achieve a clean texture.

Take time to strip the old wax to avoid unpleasant results because it might not look good if coated with a different wax. Check if the surface is left with any dirt.

If so, use cleaning clay to wash it off. Just make sure that it won't leave scratches or marks. It would be easier if you don't wax all of the areas at the same time. Focus on section after section to end up seeing the smooth surface

Conclusion of Wax Buyers

By following our simple advice and tips, your motorcycle will look as good as new! Make sure to choose the right products and do use gloves and mask for your safety for you to use them as often as you can. Hopefully, your question about how often to wax a motorcycle is answered.

May your waxing time be a fun-filled one!

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