Is it Worth Having a Dash Cam?

by Chris Lewis.

A Dash cam is generally a piece of equipment that is also known as a dashboard camera. The device is designed to work as the vehicle’s digital video recorder, or driving recorder.

It is used to accurately record every detail of the road and other vehicles around your vehicle through the front or rear windscreen of your vehicle.

Well, Dash cam is undoubtedly an outstanding addition to anyone’s driving practices. Nowadays, they have become more popular than before vehicle owners.

As it can record all types of crucial evidence, so this can be the owner’s lifesaver without any doubt.

If you are planning to buy this device for your vehicle, then you definitely want to know if it is worth it or not before buying best dash cam for jeep.

In that case, we came here to explain some of the Dash cam features so that you can know if it is worth having a dash cam. Stay Tuned!

Is it Worth Having a Dash Cam

Is it Worth Having a Dash Cam
Is it Worth Having a Dash Cam

­1. Capture the Evidence of a Car Accident or any Disturbances 

As the Dash cam records everything as proof, it can be the most proficient way to defend yourself in case of any accidents, thefts, or any types of disturbances.

You can say it is the secret witness that observes the whole thing that happens to surround your vehicle. It also observes the entire road ahead and the other vehicles while driving. 

Besides, it delivers efficient and real-time proof every time. Moreover, it helps you to save your time, money, and hassle being on the safe side with all that evidence.

As you can’t constantly keep your eyes on the vehicle 24/7, the Dash cam can cut down the worries for your vehicle. You can relax that your car is keeping all the records.

It will help you for any types of disturbances like hit and run incidents, vandalism, or if someone is trying to break into your car. 

You will get all the records of that evidence anytime and anywhere. At this point, you would definitely want a Dash cam which will surely be worth it.

2. Lower insurance premium

Lower insurance premium
Lower insurance premium

Another avail of using the Dash cam is that it may provide you the cost-effective benefits. In many countries in the world such as the UK or others who have been using the device for years, car owners can get a discount.

If you fitted the Dash cam in your vehicle, then the insurance company offers you a discount.

Whenever you face an accident or other disturbances, you have to make sure your vehicle is mounted with the Dash cam.

According to, if you have the video recording of the incident with you, then it can help you to speed up the car insurance claim.

The video footage can define who really was at fault and if you are found not guilty due to this incident, then the insurance premium can get lower. So, it will benefit you by using the Dash cam on your vehicle.

3. Improved Technology

Dash cam technology is improving day by day. And in the last few years, they have succeeded in improving significantly. The sub-£50 model can record the video in 1080 Full HD resolution in the very cheapest way.

Moreover, they come with motion detection technology. The large aperture designs to record in low lights are ideal for use at night.

4. High Resolution

The high-class compact and discrete-designed Dash cam comes with a higher recording resolution. This type of Dash Cam offers you Full HD 1440p or 4K recording resolutions.

Some of the Dash cam can record in Quad HD and 2K recording resolutions. The higher the resolution is. The better it can provide clear recordings. And, more pixels can capture the detailed image efficiently.

Moreover, they can provide a stable and firm frame rate that is ideal for sharp and smooth video.

5. Observing Vehicle’s Interior

You can also find some Dash cams that can also monitor your vehicle’s interior. It comes with a secondary camera so that it can mount inside the interior and monitor them well.

The camera can also record the audio and helps you to keep the records of the action and the conversations of you and others in the vehicle. Doing this will keep all the records of what’s going on inside your vehicle. 

So if any incident happens inside there, you can easily get to know the reason with the audio and video recordings.

6. Inspire safe driving

The Dash cam is a superior way to inspire the driver to drive safely. It can give you a score after every journey.

If you are being cautious with your drive then you will get a reward for your safe driving practice. Otherwise, you will get punished for your unsafe driving practices.

Therefore, the drivers can get inspired to be more aware of safe driving. Moreover, the more you are being safe, the more your score will get higher. It will naturally inspire you to always be responsible while driving on the road.

7. Emergency SOS

One of the great features of the Dash cam comes with the Emergency SOS. The features alert emergency services if you face any disturbance like being injured in a car accident. It will help you to get help anytime and anywhere immediately.

8. Perfect Monitoring

Well, the Dash cam is a better way to give driving instructions to your child. You don’t need to be worried about your child while they are driving the car. You can always monitor and guide them if needed.

The Dash cam will let you know about the driving speed and the street routes perfectly. It will help you to monitor and instruct them.

On the other hand, if you lend your car to your relatives or friends, then you can also make sure that your car is in the safe hand or not. It must be very normal to have concerns for your valuable assets.

9. Key Features of a Dash Cam:

  • Bluetooth for transferring footage
  • GPS positioning
  • Event detection
  • Speed camera alerts
  • Headlight reminder
  • Fatigue alerts
  • Parking Mode
  • Wireless system
  • Higher resolution
  • Emergency SOS
  • Emergency services
  • Audio recording
  • Auto-on focus
  • G force sensor
  • Still photo function

Downsides of a Dash Cam

The only downside of Dash cam is the lack of privacy for some reasons. As the camera clicks and records everything, it may occupy a person’s privacy without anyone’s knowledge.

Besides, the Dash cam requires no license so it can be illegal to share the recordings in public.


As you can see above, the Dash cam comes with several features that can bring you peace of mind. As we explain everything about the Dash cam, you might get to know about their plenty of benefits. And, the benefits can compensate for the downsides of the Dash cam without any doubt.

Therefore, we can finally say that having the Dash cam is really worth it. You should definitely go for the Dash cam for your vehicle so that you don’t need to be worried about your car.

We recommend you to buy a Dual Dash cam for more safety. So, we hope that you will have a better experience by using the Dash cam.

If you have any doubts and queries about the Dash cam, then please let us know without any hesitancy. Happy Driving! Be Safe!

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