How To Install A Jeep Antenna? – Beginners Guide

by Chris Lewis.

Reasons for installing an antenna on your Jeep can sprout from a bunch of reasons. Maybe the stock antenna snapped and broke off or has developed reception problems, or perhaps the whole system antenna is not working at all.

The other apparent reason is getting rid of your old antenna and replacing it with the best jeep antenna in the market right now. Whatever the reason is, mounting a new antenna seems to be the right call.

Removing your old antenna and screwing in a new one is quite a simple process. Sometimes, only the antenna mast part needs replacement, but in advanced cases, the whole antenna system needs replacement. Either way, it is still an easy process. With the help of a few tools and, of course, the installation knowledge, you are fit to work your way through it.

However, for this review, you'll get a detailed process on how to replace the whole antenna system and the antenna mast. With this guide, you'll stand a better chance of rising to the occasion in case any of the two situations presents itself.

Installation process of Jeep Antenna

Installation process of Jeep Antenna
Installation process of Jeep Antenna

1. Starter pack

For the installation process to be possible, three components must be in the mix. They include the antenna base cable and bracket kit, the antenna mast, and the bracket cover.

The base cable is the wiring part that connects the antenna to the radio system. The bracket, on the other hand, is the top part of the wire where you get to mount your antenna on.

The bracket on most Jeeps is circular and has screw holes drilled on it. The base bracket has a rubber gasket that fills the gap between the bracket and the hole on the Jeep.

The bracket cover, just as its name hints out, covers the bracket from outside exposure. The cover corresponds with the shape and the screw holes of the bracket.

2. Removing the old antenna

Removing the old antenna
Removing the old antenna

Now that we understand the essential components let's break down the whole process. It is important to note that the installation process goes two ways: the removal of the old antenna and mounting of a new one.

To fit in your new antenna system, you have to bid goodbye to the old one. The first step is to unscrew the antenna from the bracket's mount base using a 10mm wrench.

After you finish up with that, the next step is unscrewing the bracket from the side of your Jeep, suitably using a screw extractor machine. Once the bracket is loose, you'll get a peek at the base cable going into the cable hole.

The cable runs to the glove compartment, connected to the radio system, and locating the base cable at the glove box counts as the next step.

However, there are many cables at the box, but picking out the base cable requires a simple trick. All you need to do is to pull the loose unscrewed bracket on the outside and see which cable moves in the compartment, which should be the base cable.

The tail of the cable plugs into the cord shaft that connects to the radio. Disconnecting the cable from the box requires you only to pull it out using your hands. The last process is to remove the cable from the glove box. All you must do now is carefully pull out the base cable through the hole.

3. Installing the new antenna

Installing the new antenna
Installing the new antenna

Now that the old antenna is removed, installing the new one follows next, which is much easier than the removal process. Take your new base cable and bracket kit and carefully push it into the hole. While you are at it, ensure you line the cable with the hole. However, if it poses a challenge, you can pull and adjust it from inside the glove box.

Once the whole base cable fits into the glove box, plug it at the end of it into the cord shaft, connecting it to the radio. To avoid any loosening in the future, make sure you plug it in firmly.

That marks the end of the internal installation. Close up the glove box and reach out for your screwing machine. Before you screw the bracket on the Jeep, cup it with the bracket cover and ensure it grips well around it.

Additionally, ensure the screw holes on the cover fall into place with the ones on the bracket. The bracket cover is plastic made and shields the metallic bracket from corrosion. Screwing the covered bracket kit around the hole falls in as the next move. Make sure the screws are tight enough to hold it in position.

The antenna comes with two or sometimes three adapters. That is where the next step comes in. Depending on the antenna that you have, choose an adapter that coincides with it.

Once you have determined the best fit adapter, screw it into the bracket's mount base with your hands. The final step is to mount your antenna mast.

The type of antenna you possess highly determines the style of mounting. Antenna with thread locking or Plug -And-Play designs are easy to screw in using your hands only. Confirm that the antenna is firmly mounted and give it a test to see it works. There you have it! Piece of cake, right?

Conclusion on A Jeep Antenna

It is one thing to have the right antenna and the other to mount it correctly on the Jeep. These two ideas complement each other.

Proper antenna installation guarantees you an off the peak performance when it comes to the reception of frequencies for your radio. On top of that, you rest assured that you won't leave your antenna at the car wash or on the road because it loosened up.

The installation process ensures that you get it right, even if you haven't done it before. All it takes is to follow the guideline step by step, but in case it proves to be a hard nut to crack, you can seek professional help from the garage, although that is very unlikely. Once you are through with mounting and testing your antenna, you can comfortably hit the trail.

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