Best Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engines: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2023

by Chris Lewis.

Powerful engines, such as Duramax diesels, need the greatest oil maintenance available. In addition to using the best diesel oil available (and changing it regularly), you'll also want to use the best oil filters for those engines. Running like a rocket or like a well-oiled machine is a phrase that has been used in a variety of films. The smooth movement of your automobile is only possible when the engine has been properly greased. Your vehicle's engine will be up and running in a matter of seconds! The gasoline filters complete the task.

In any case, you've heard of and used the word Duramax, so there's no need to reintroduce it here. I want to focus on a more pressing matter. That's the oil filter, and so forth. Even if you've been running your Duramax diesel engine for a long time, it might be not easy to choose the ideal oil filter for it. Nonetheless, you don't have to worry since we're here to help! Only reading this post will give you a basic understanding of the optimum oil filter for your Duramax.

With everything out of the way, let's get right into the action!

Top 10 Best Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engine Product Reviews

Top 10 Best Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engine Product Reviews
Top 10 Best Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engine Product Reviews

1. FRAM Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter - Link

Fram Ultra Synthetic 20,000 Mile Protection Oil Filter, XG3614 with SureGrip (Pack of 1)
Fram Ultra Synthetic 20,000 Mile Protection Oil Filter, XG3614 with SureGrip (Pack of 1)

The Ultra Synthetic filter from FRAM is another excellent filter for Duramax. Designed for drivers who demand the greatest engine protection and use synthetic motor oils with 20,000-mile change intervals or longer, Ultra Synthetic is an excellent choice. This large capacity, high-efficiency filter provide peak performance.

It is expected to have a somewhat longer lifespan than the previous generation, with a filtration distance of around 20000 miles. Given how powerful the Duramax is, it is recommended that you do not push it to its absolute maximum capacity.

Filters like this one are intended to be used in conjunction with full synthetic oil, which is often believed to be the best option for diesel engines based on the product's name.

At 20 microns or more, the efficiency of this filter in eliminating dirt is about 99 per cent, making it a very good filter in its own right.

You can probably do it yourself if you want to, but one of the advantages of utilizing this filter is that it is quite straightforward to update.

A very high-quality Ultra Synthetic Spin-On Oil Filter with SureGrip is incorporated into this product that is innovative and makes use of cutting-edge technology. Due to the dual-layered media, it can trap 99 per cent of metal particles, carbon, and dirt in oil before it is passed through the engine. As a result of its outstanding characteristics, it has earned a place among the top Duralax oil filters.


  • By maintaining a steady supply of oil, the pressure relief valve prevents unfiltered oil from entering the engine


  • High-quality materials are used in the construction of the filter. The case is made of painted steel, which ensures its resistance to erosion.
  • Silicone is used for t
  • he back valve of the anti-drain to withstand high temperatures and wear and tear.
  • In order to facilitate installation and removal, the case is coated with a SureGrip anti-slip texture.


  • 15000-20000 miles per filter is amazing.
  • 99% dirt removal!
  • Easy to change.


  • Sturdiness is of questionable quality. Beware of how you handle it.

2. Baldwin B164 By-Pass Lube Spin-On - Link

Baldwin B164 By-Pass Lube Spin-On
Baldwin B164 By-Pass Lube Spin-On

Baldwin is well-known for producing some of the most powerful heavy-duty oil filters available anywhere in the globe. Thus, the Baldwin heavy-duty grease spin-on filter among trucking businesses and other experts is a popular choice.

The 12-micron rating means that it will not be able to filter out 100 per cent of the pollution that your primary filter will not be able to remove on its own. However, it will filter out the vast majority of the contaminants that your primary filter will not be able to eliminate. Consequently, the price is much lower than the one for the model we previously discussed. It is really simple to put up because it is a spin-on.

Everything else, such as the rubber anti-drain back valve and a steel end cap, is included in the package as standard equipment. It's fascinating to observe that there are 44 pleats in the media. Oil filters of this type are fairly common, and we may safely presume that they allow the oil to flow rapidly to meet the demands of larger engines, such as those found in trucks.

Despite this fact, Baldwin has retained its status as a favourite with clients from a wide range of backgrounds, particularly truckers. The rugged construction of the vehicle allows it to resist the rigours of any terrain or environmental situation. Even the vibrant red paint job adds to the car's overall appeal by making a visually arresting statement.


  • Durable design with metal components
  • Trusted amongst trucking circles
  • Nice red-painted casing


  • Relatively low-efficiency rating

3. Royal Purple Extended Life Premium Oil Filter - Link

Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter
Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter

We've gone back to the initial set of filters that we used. While it may not filter nearly as efficiently as the previous two, it shares several outstanding characteristics despite its lower filtering efficiency.

It is compatible with synthetic oil, the first and most important factor (once again, very good for diesel engines).

Second, the vehicle's life expectancy of 15000 kilometres is another distinguishing feature of this model year. Silicone must be employed in the production of the product for it to achieve this objective.

By introducing the extended life oil filter, Royal Purple has proved why they continue to be one of the leading manufacturers in the auto-care business for a wide range of products, including oil filters. In part, this is owing to the use of a synthetic micro-glass medium that is 100 per cent synthetic, which results in a 99 per cent efficiency at 25 microns. There's no need to worry about the oil that enters the filter being clean and ready to be utilized in your engine when it exits the filter. These aspects work together to make it the best Duramax oil filter currently available on the market.


  • The synthetic fibres are extremely lightweight and robust, limiting the passage of practically all pollutants.
  • There is no compromise on quality

with any of the components.

  • A nitrile rubber base gasket is employed to prevent leaks, and a silicone anti-drain back valve, which helps prevent dry starts.
  • Metal end caps, a metal centre tube, and a metal bypass valve provide a long-lasting convenience with a lifetime of more than 10,000 miles. It is a significant amount, and it justifies the somewhat expensive cost of this particular filter.
  • Because the filtration system is housed in a specially designed casing that is extremely thick, the interior components will be protected from road debris and rough weather.


  • Protection

for long distances.

  • Quality product, last a long time.
  • Good with full synthetic oil.


  • 25-micron filtration is not the best you can get.

4. ACDelco Professional Engine Oil Filter - Link

ACDelco GM Original Equipment PF2232 Engine Oil Filter
ACDelco GM Original Equipment PF2232 Engine Oil Filter

Undoubtedly, one of this filter's most striking characteristics is its capacity to regulate the flow rate of water. Because it is extremely rapid to re-inject oil into the engine, it will always be running on new oil.

According to the manufacturer, cellulose (the filter material) will catch around 98 per cent of the contaminants present when filtered at 25-micron resolution. Even though it is not the best possible figure, it is still rather excellent in comparison. Even more important is that once dirt has made its way into the filter, it will be unable to circulate any further and will get imprisoned there eternally.

Despite working under the most demanding conditions, this product has a long shelf life.

It is a Professional Engine Oil Filter that has established a reputation for being the best oil filter for Duramax engines and any other type of engine. This component contributes to the cleanliness of the oil flow to the engine components. If you own a V8 General Motors car, replacing your existing filters with this one is never a bad thing to consider doing at some point in the future. It is without a doubt a higher-quality filter than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter that was originally installed in your vehicle.


  • The filtering media is wired-backed cellulose, and it has a filtration efficiency of 98 per cent at 25-30 microns, which is rather outstanding for such a small size.
  • The product also comes with an explosive strength that is five times more than the operating pressure of most engine oils. After the oil reaches working temperatures and considering that the operating pressure of normal engine oil does not exceed 51psi, it is recommended that the oil be changed for better durability.
  • Professional oil filters are designed to meet or exceed your expectations when it comes to fit, form, and function.
  • The ACDelco professional fuel filter includes a capable device that is meant to endure a long time.


  • Great filtering cellulose.
  • Great oil flow management.
  • Durable and reliable.


  • It will still be able to pass through smaller particles.

5. iFJF TP3018 Fuel Filter - Link

iFJF TP3018 Fuel Filter and 29539579 Spin-on Oil Filter Replacement for Duramax 6.6L 2001-2016 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel Engine TP3012 29531007
iFJF TP3018 Fuel Filter and 29539579 Spin-on Oil Filter Replacement for Duramax 6.6L 2001-2016 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel Engine TP3012 29531007

Recent purchasers have been devastated for a long time by gasoline filters that face outward. Not only are they tough to install, but they are also time-consuming to repair and replace, which adds to their difficulty. It is one of these models that, in addition to being the ideal size for your combustion engine, also has the ideal shape for assisting your combustion engine. The gasoline filters are oriented in the same way as the original equipment manufacturers' components. Testing has been conducted to ensure that they will meet the needs of all users.

Smooth construction should continue to be the first and most significant condition for accessing any product, and this should be the case in the future. A great aluminium screw set is included with this gasoline filter, which is significantly superior to the plastic screw sets commonly found on the market. These are straightforward to insert and remove from the system. Removing plastic screws that have been in use for a long time is not only time-consuming, but they are also susceptible to getting mushy and breaking down. Aluminium screws are considerably preferable to steel screws because they give long-term durability and the capacity to work effectively.

The model is very compatible with variants of the vehicle built between 2001 and 2016. A range of contemporary and antique automotive engines, such as those from the Cheviot, Silverado and GMC Sierra, are included in this collection. Although this is only valid for the current vehicle, you may use it with any new vehicle in the future. These types are different from the bulk of other types in that they do not require constant repair and maintenance. This indicates that you will have a significant amount of time before you will need to replace this gasoline filter with another.

With its great efficiency and low maintenance requirements, this gadget is quickly becoming popular throughout the industry. In addition to having an eye-catching multi-layer design, it also ensures that the product will complete its filtration task with ease, increasing its overall efficacy. In addition, it has a remarkable water-saving efficiency rating. In addition to the convenience with which it can be removed and reinstalled, it is one of the best versions currently available on the market in terms of overall performance.


  • Ensures easy installation and removal
  • It does not need replacing or repairing very often
  • It has a multilayer design for better efficiency
  • More than 98% water efficiency
  • It comes with greater compatibility with most engine systems


  • Relatively heavier than some other models
  • Less filtration subtlety than some other models

Oil Filter for Duramax Diesel Engines Buying Guide

After reviewing our top oil filter options, here are a few things to keep in mind.

A good oil filter is made of what?

If you were to remove the oil filter's exterior shell, it would look like this:

The media is the paper-like part of the filter that cleans and removes impurities from your vehicle's oil. Cellulose, synthetic, and a combination of the two are the three main varieties.

The kind of media, its surface area, and the number of wrinkles it has all play a role in determining an oil filter's filtering performance.

The media type and construction

The media type and construction determine the oil filter's capacity to retain pollutants from the oil that goes through it. In theory, a greater tank capacity indicates a longer time between tank replacements. A bypass valve opens if the filter's capacity is exceeded, allowing unfiltered oil to flow through. Capacity is plenty in most oil filters (at least 10 grams). Following the specified filter adjustments should be enough to avoid any problems.

Good oil filters

Good oil filters have metal end caps and a central tube made of stainless steel. Plastic or even cardboard can be used to produce these parts at a lower cost than metal.

Look beneath your hood/car to determine the proper size of your air filter. Your money is being wasted if the filter doesn't suit your Duramax diesel engine.

Oil type:

Oil type: Not all filters can handle all types of oil. It's possible to find a filter that can only be used with a certain type of oil. Find a diesel filter that will work best for your vehicle's kind of diesel.

Oil filters

Oil filters can remove particles as small as 20-30 microns, whereas human hair is 50-100 microns thick. Naturally, you'll want a filter capable of capturing the tiniest particles of dirt. A bypass (secondary) filter can also be added, often responsible for preventing extremely tiny contaminants from causing engine damage.

Oil filters, like all other consumables, have a shelf life. A long-lasting oil filter is always suggested for Duramax engines because of its high power and propensity to be utilized on "long roads." Try to locate a filter that can endure more than ten thousand kilometres.


When the filter's capacity is reached, the bypass valve kicks in. It lets unfiltered oil flow into the engine, allowing it to run at full capacity. Metal springs or pressed steel are the most common materials for this. Compared to plastic, this is a lot more robust option.

The anti-drain back valve prevents oil from draining back into the oil filter when the vehicle's engine is turned off. This feature prevents a stalemate at the beginning of a game. Silicone, not rubber, should be used for the anti-drain back valve. Under extremely low or high temperatures, silicone is more stable than other materials.

For the final touch, some oil filters use a wire-backed medium. The media is held in place by this 'scaffolding'. If you're working with synthetic or mixed material, you're more likely to see this alongside it.

Buying an oil filter is a smart idea when?

In many circumstances, the oil filter that comes with your car is sufficient. However, if you want your car to perform at its best and mileage, then a premium oil filter is the best option. A premium, 100% synthetic motor oil is a must for this.

Duramax Diesel Engines Oil Filter FAQs

How often should I get my oil and oil filter replaced?

Package or user manuals frequently include this information. They may go anywhere from 3000 to 20000 miles at a time. In general, Duramax diesel engines can travel between 10,000 and 20,000 miles further than other diesel engines. It is a good idea to change the oil and oil filter simultaneously.

How do I know when to replace the oil?

A ' check oil ' light should come on when something goes wrong with your vehicle's control board. Another option is to check the oil dipstick on your vehicle. It is recommended that this procedure be performed at least once every 1,000 kilometres. The dipstick will tell you if and how much oil is remaining in the tank.

What is an oil filter for?

Your car won't work properly if it doesn't have an oil filter. Before reaching your engine's internal workings, it filters the oil to eliminate impurities, particulates, and debris. You will experience smoother and more efficient engine operation, reducing the likelihood of a breakdown.

My oil filter has to be changed, but how do I know when it's time?

If you notice any of these symptoms, it's time to check your oil filter and maybe replace it. If your engine light is on or if your engine is overheated, this might be a symptom of a problem.

Has this oil filter been shown to remove particles?

Yes. The effectiveness of an oil filter is measured in microns and is based on the amount of junk it can remove. The Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter removes ninety-nine per cent of dirt and particles bigger than 20 microns.

Is the Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter simple to set up?

Yes. When it comes to installing an oil filter, even if this is your first time, you should be able to do so without assistance.

Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter lifespan in miles?

Between 15k and 20k miles, the Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter is expected to endure. There are several variables here, including your driving style and how many miles you log each week. This filter requires synthetic oil. However, it should last between 15k and 20k miles on the road.

Buy on Walmart

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter for Select Acura MDX, RDX, RSX, TL, Chrysler, - Walmart Link

FRAM Ultra Synthetic 20,000 Mile Protection Oil Filter, XG7317 with SureGrip (Pack of 1) - Walmart Link

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter - Walmart Link

ACDelco GM Original Equipment PF2232 Engine Oil Filter - Walmart Link

Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter - Walmart Link

Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter - Walmart Link

Buy on eBay

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter for Select Acura MDX, RDX, RSX, TL, Chrysler, - eBay Link

FRAM Ultra Synthetic 20,000 Mile Protection Oil Filter, XG7317 with SureGrip (Pack of 1) - eBay Link

Motorcraft FL2016 Oil Filter - eBay Link

ACDelco GM Original Equipment PF2232 Engine Oil Filter - eBay Link

Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter - eBay Link

Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter - eBay Link

Conclusions for Oil Filter Buyers

The Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter performs exactly what you want it to do, and it does it well. First, let's speak about how to be more efficient. Just like any other product, it isn't going to be the most efficient.

It's on the higher end of the spectrum than the lower end. For particles 20 microns or greater, 99 per cent should be eliminated, and it also performs rather well for trash that is smaller than 20 microns in diameter. A bonus is that this filter can last for up to 20k miles before it needs to be replaced. Unless you're driving many miles in a short period, you don't need to change this oil filter too frequently.

It's time to talk about the setup. You won't have any trouble using this product if you've never used one before. It's not a difficult task, and there are detailed instructions to help you along the way.

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