How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?

by Chris Lewis.

Who wants to cover their hands in black tarry oil? But to make your car’s engine last longer, this has to be done. Suctioning engine oil for better performance of your engine is a common work of mechanics. Some people do it themselves too.

There are two useful methods for suctioning oil from a car. The gravity method that is using the drain plug and the other is the extraction method or using the extraction pump.

We will discuss how you do the suction of oil from a car in this article and hopefully enlighten you with facts.

How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?

How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?
How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?

Taking to a mechanic for maintenance of your car once in a while is very necessary. But why bother going for the things that are done by yourself?

Suctioning oil is one of those matters that can be taken to your own hand. Here we will tell you about the methods and procedure, so next time you can save a drive to the mechanic.

Oil Extractor

These are pumps that use a vacuum machine to extract out engine oil. It has an attached clear container with it to collect the oil.

The filthy engine oil produces a lot of by-products that cause the engine’s performance to slow down. It is necessary to clean them once in a while to improve engine performance.

They take a small amount of work but help you in the long run. Here is how to do it.

The procedure of Using an Oil Extractor

How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?
How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?

We’ll walk you through the entire process here.

  • Warm up the Oil

To start the extraction procedure, you need to make the oil heated. Turn on the engine for a few minutes, then turn it off to let the oil cool down. Remember, excessive hot oil will melt your extraction tube. Once the oil is warm, you can start suctioning.

  • Insert the Tube

Push the tube of the oil extractor in the dipstick. Generally, 2-3 feet of the tube is inserted in order to suction out completely.

  • Create a Vacuum

Once the tube reaches the bottom, start pumping the handle to create a vacuum and suck out all the oil. Be ready for a good workout. Once the oil starts to collect in a clear container, you can rest for a bit.

  • Suck out Every Last Drop

When there is bubbling in the tube bend and twist it a bit more into the dipstick to collect every last drop of oil.

  • Replace the Oil Filter

Once the oil is sucked out, take the tube out, and change the oil filter. It is on the top side of most vehicles, but some have it underneath the car. Lift your car up with a jack and change the oil filter.

  • Add Engine Oil and Go for a Test-Drive

Add fresh engine oil according to the manual. Check the engine pan if you need more oil. Take your car for a test drive, so you will know if there is any oil leakage or not.

If you have a motor oil extractor, the procedure becomes a lot easier. The steps are all the same, except you do not have to pump manually. Rather you just connect the extraction pump to your car battery, and the oil is collected in a container.

Drain Plug to Suction Oil from a Car

The drain plug uses gravity to drain the engine oil. It is a plug located in the undersurface of the car’s engine. And it is the easiest method of changing oil but also the messiest.

This requires a lot less time than an oil extractor; therefore, it is popular among many people. The steps are given below.

How to Drain Oil via Drain Plug?

How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?
How Do You Suction Oil from a Car?

Let’s learn the step-by-step method.

  • Get Your Tools

You need to gather some tools to get your car lifted up. Collect a jack, socket set, oil, and filter replacement. Park on a flat surface and lift your car up using two jacks.

  • Warm up the Oil

Turn up your engine for a few minutes, so the oil heats up. Then turn it off to cool it down. Remember, warm oil is easier to suction out.

  • Place a Pan

You need to crawl under your car and place a large pan or container, so the oil collects there. And you can later take this oil to the recycling center.

  • Unscrew the Plug

Take a wrench and start unscrewing the plug anti-clockwise. Once the plug is unscrewed, warm oil will begin to pour in the pan. Let it pour out completely. Wipe the screw and replace the drain plug gasket.

  • Replace the Oil Filter

They are usually located on the side of engines to find it and wipe clean the area.  Replace it with the new oil filter.

  • Add the New Oil

Remove the oil filler cap on the top of your engine. Place a funnel and add oil in the filler hole. Usually, you need to pour four to five quarts of oil. Close the cap tightly.

  • Go for a Test Drive

Start the engine for a minute to see if everything is alright. You can take your car for a test drive also to ensure there is no oil leakage.

Which Method Is Better?

Well, this depends on the user’s preference. The oil extractor is definitely time-consuming but leaves your garage clean. Unlike the previous extractors, some new models of oil extractors are able to collect the sludge out of the dipstick.

On the other hand, the drain plug may take less time but end up creating a mess. So it is better to try out both the methods to choose from according to your preferences.


The previous methods of siphoning your engine oil have long been replaced by newer technologies.

And the oil extractor has gained popularity among users because of its effortlessness. The drain plug method is still commonly used in the workshops.

We hope this article was resourceful to the readers to help them know the methods of suctioning the engine oil from a car.

About Chris Lewis.

Chris Lewis is a passionate individual with a deep affinity for the world of automobiles. From a tender age, his fascination with cars was nurtured by his father, a seasoned mechanic based in the vibrant city of San Francisco. Growing up under the watchful guidance of his skilled father, Chris developed an early aptitude for all things automotive.

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