How Important Is A Car Spark Plug And Why You Should Care About It?

by Chris Lewis.

Let it not surprise you. A spark plug is a significant part of your car, yet it is among the smallest components. If you want to discover if your car can operate well, then the spark plug's condition is a must. Other conditions may be tire pressure, car battery, among others.

The spark plug will ignite your car. It is a small device that will take electricity and create the spark to set off the combustion process. In the process, it will ignite the engine and set it in motion.

If your car lacks a spark plug, it means the engine will not start. The spark plug will determine the health of your engine. If the spark plug is in proper condition, it means the engine will remain sound. You should take care of it well to enhance smooth operations.

When Do You Change Your Spark Plug?

When Do You Change Your Spark Plug?
When Do You Change Your Spark Plug?

Several signs could indicate that the spark plug is not in good condition. Here are hints to use:

a. Check the Engine Light

If the engine lights come on, then that is a sign that you have a worn-out spark plug or disoriented spark plug wires. Consequently, it can make the engine misfire. It would be crucial to replace the spark plug as part of the preventative maintenance. As such, you will avoid encountering costly repairs.

A misfiring engine can put unnecessary stress on the analytic converter of the car. Several symptoms could indicate that the spark plug is misfiring. They include:

  • Rough idling
  • Uneven power while accelerating
  • Increase in exhaust emissions

b. Difficulty in Starting

Among the key role of the spark plug is to provide a spark that will power your engine. As the spark plug gets old, it would have a challenge in providing a strong park that will power the engine.

Suppose the car stalls as you attempt to put it on, then the problem will be on the spark plug. Again, it may have damaged spark plug wires. In case the car fails to start at all, then the battery could be the challenge.

c. High Fuel consumption

When you use the spark plug that is too old, they will consume the gas and compromise on mileage. In case you are using a worn-out spark plug, then the fuel consumption will be high.

The main reason is that they will not be burning fuel effectively. You will begin to experience high costs if you fail to take corrective action.

d) The engine fails to accelerate quickly

It is vital to be ever familiar with how your vehicle drives. In case you discover that your car is not being responsive as usual when you begin to accelerate, then the worn-out spark plug is the big reason behind it. You can consider replacing them instantly. Of course, nobody would like to drive a fuel-guzzling or a sluggish car.

e) The engine idles roughly

You must take the proper initiative and listen to the sound of your engine. Suppose the engine produces a pinging, rattling, or knock-like noise, then the spark plug could be the problem. It would be reasonable to repair them immediately.

f) Keep the Manufacturers' Schedule

You should follow the maintenance schedule as per the manufacturer's recommendation. Stay in the maintenance program to know when you should replace the spark plugs and so on.

Thankfully, most of the spark plugs will not wear down frequently. One can serve you for more than 20, 000 miles before the next replacement. In case you experience the above symptoms earlier, it is reasonable that you perform a replacement early enough.

g) Build Up

The airflow will access the engine together with some debris. Above all, the oil may also access the combustion chamber. As a result, it will compromise the performance of your spark plug. The deposit will form on the spark plug and make some build-ups to cause the pre-ignition of the car.

When the spark plug gets coated with foreign materials, it will malfunction easily. When the spark plug has oil covering, it will struggle to fire or release a spark. You can perform a replacement by having the following items:

  • A new valve gasket cover
  • New spark plug tube seals
  • New valve guides

h) Overheating

Sometimes the cooling system in your engine may be ineffective. In the process, the engine will begin to run while hot. In response, the spark plug will begin to overheat and sacrifice on its effectiveness.

Whenever you replace such a spark plug, the car will begin to start properly. You will experience an energetic start as you begin your journey.

Are some spark Plugs Better than Others?

Are some spark Plugs Better than Others?
Are some spark Plugs Better than Others?

It largely depends on the type of materials that the designer used to make them. If the spark plugs come from harder materials, it implies the spark plug will last for a longer period. The most commonly used spark plus have a central core that comes from copper materials.

The standard spark plugs feature a nickel alloy coating. It should not surprise you to get some versions of the spark plugs that feature platinum or iridium materials.

The two are harder than copper materials, which makes them long-lasting. Therefore, it will be suitable for the longest life to settle for these that come from iridium or platinum materials.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion
In Conclusion

Spark plugs play a critical role in ensuring your vehicle starts smoothly. In case you encounter the above-listed faults, then a replacement is necessary. Luckily, it is not as complex as many would imagine when you are replacing the spark plug. Still, you can monitor the vehicle and determine when to perform a replacement.

You can do it as a DIY task. Whenever you think you are unsure of the process, it will be vital to contact a motor mechanic to do the job. You rather do it immediately and overcome any unnecessary challenge that will crop up in the future.

The spark plug is the life of your engine. Keep it sound always.

About Chris Lewis.

Chris Lewis is a passionate individual with a deep affinity for the world of automobiles. From a tender age, his fascination with cars was nurtured by his father, a seasoned mechanic based in the vibrant city of San Francisco. Growing up under the watchful guidance of his skilled father, Chris developed an early aptitude for all things automotive.

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