Best Motorcycle Armor: Reviews and Expert’s Guide 2023

by Chris Lewis.

As fun as driving a motorcycle is, it is not without its risk of injury. It's also quite difficult to properly drive a motorbike in the rain.

So, you might be curious as to whether there is anything that provides protection, is weatherproof, and also makes you look good.

Well, you're in luck, for that something is motorcycle armor.

So, which one is the best motorcycle armor in the market? In this article, we'll look at some popular items and try to answer that question.

Image Name Ratings
HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket
Price Check
4.6 / 5.0
GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket
Price Check
4.7 / 5.0
Alpinestars Men's Motorcycle Armor
Price Check
4.7 / 5.0

Top 8 Best Motorcycle Armor Reviews

In our search, we've come across eight motorcycle armors that we've found to be the best choices. Let us examine and see what features they have:

 Top 8 Best Motorcycle Armor Reviews
Top 8 Best Motorcycle Armor Reviews

1. HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket

HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket
HHR Textile Motorcycle Jacket

This textile motorcycle jacket is designed as an all-season motorcycle armor, so you can wear it whenever you're out riding. It can protect you from both falls and the weather and is smartly designed to achieve that.

The outer shell of this jacket is made out of strong polyester 600D Cordura Fabric.

Along with the CE armored jacket shoulders and elbow protectors, it provides a great deal of protection to vital parts of your body but isn't overbearing to wear.

High-density foam protectors are placed on both the front chest plate and the back. This foam offers solid protection while also ensuring the jacket is comfortable to wear.

Reissa membrane is used, which is 100% waterproof and breathable. Now you can safely drive even in the rain without worrying about your jacket getting ruined.

For more comfort, action stretch is featured in the elbows and shoulders so that you can achieve a much better fit.

An air ventilation system is also featured in the backplate so that your back doesn't get sweaty during hot days.

2 external pockets are featured with zippers for storing your valuables securely. For nighttime riding, the jacket has reflective sections that increase visibility.

All these features make it a top pick as a general-use motorcycle armor.


  • 100% waterproof and breathable armor
  • Usable in all seasons and weather
  • Reflective sections in the jacket to increase nighttime visibility
  • The ventilation system in the back prevents excessive sweating
  • It is very comfortable to wear and offers a good fit


  • There are better protection options than foam

2. GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket

GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket
GuTe Motorcycle Protective Jacket

Designed for street biking, the GuTe motorcycle protective jacket emphasizes safety and protection. It's designed to give you adequate protection for instances such as a crash.

This is done via the use of high-impact PE plastic in conjunction with EVA shields. The plastic is used to absorb the shock of the impact and the EVA shields provide solid protection to vulnerable areas.

The EVA shields also have added padding for extra protection, especially around the chest, back, shoulders and elbow.

However, even with this level of protection, the jacket does not sacrifice rider comfort. Durable mesh fabric is used in making this very lightweight item. So, this model does not feel heavy to wear.

Since the fabric is breathable, it prevents the user from feeling stuffy. It also helps you keep cool and ride more comfortably during hot days.

The elastic material is used to make the cuffs, which can easily be adjusted for a better fit. The backplate has full articulation for easier movement.

There is also an adjustable Velcro waist strap for extra protection near your stomach area. The zipper of this jacket is also durable and doesn't get stuck on the fabric. Overall, this is an incredibly reliable motorcycle armor to have.


  • Thick foam padding for added protection
  • High impact plastic for better shock absorption
  • Adjustable waist straps for more comfort
  • Breathable mesh fabric helps keep the rider cool
  • The collar band is made out of elastic material and is adjustable


  • Isn't the most comfortable option during hot summer days

3. Alpinestars Men's Motorcycle Armor

Alpinestars Men's Motorcycle Armor
Alpinestars Men's Motorcycle Armor

This is another best versatile motorcycle armor made for men, which is made to serve as a good balance between protection and comfort.

Made out of durable polymer, this item doesn't weigh much but offers decent protection for street biking.

Two separate front chest plates are present, which help to protect your chest from strong impact. Although they don't weigh a lot due to the polymer used to construct them, they are good at shock absorption.

An integrated grid structure is used for the construction of these plates, which help to dissipate force throughout the plate and reduce the chance of injury.

A single back protector is used. The protector is designed to offer complete protection of your spine and avoid grave injuries. It is designed to be adjustable and fit with a variety of body sizes for men.

The shoulders and elbows are also nicely padded to prevent you from serious injuries to those areas.

The breathable and light fabric is used to create the mesh in this jacket. Along with the ventilation on the armor, this helps you stay cool and prevents from excessive sweating.

However, the mesh can snag at times, so if you are using this item, keep that in mind and be careful.


  • Integrated grid structure, polymer padding, reduces impact
  • Back protector offers complete protection of your back
  • The fabric used for the mesh is breathable
  • Item is very lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • The zipper is very durable and doesn't get stuck


  • The mesh is not very durable and can get torn

4. Fox Racing Titan MTB Jacket

The fourth one on our list is a jacket that is designed to be functional, comfortable, and pleasing to look at. BMX bikes, snowboarders, and motorcyclists alike can make great use out of this jacket.

In terms of protection, the Fox Racing Titan jacket uses a two-piece front chest plate and on the back uses articulating shields.

These are made from high-impact plastic designed to absorb the shock of impact and help protect the user from injury.

Hard shell padding is present on shoulders and elbows to provide additional protection in case you happen to fall.

Since the jacket makes use of a full mesh body, it is very comfortable to wear, even with padding. The mesh body also makes fitting less of an issue, so you don't need to worry about it interfering with your riding.

It is available in a large range of sizes, from small to 2XL, so you have a good deal of options.

The mesh and padding help to protect you from rain. Although it is not the best protection, the jacket is water-resistant and can keep you warm even on cold days.

The padding also features ventilation and promotes airflow so that you don't feel stuffy when riding out during hot days.

Overall, this is one of the best value motorcycle armors you can find. It is reasonably priced and offers all that you want out of a bike jacket.


  • High-impact plastic padding helps to protect the rider
  • Mesh body makes it comfortable to wear
  • Padding features ventilation to keep the rider cool
  • The jacket is water-resistant
  • The backplate features articulation for more comfort


  • Zipper tends to get stuck

5. Gohinstar ATV Guard Shirt Gear Jacket Armor

Gohinstar ATV Guard Shirt Gear Jacket Armor
Gohinstar ATV Guard Shirt Gear Jacket Armor

If you're looking for best motorcycle body armor that can stand the extremes, you're looking at the right one. This item is designed to offer you the most protection from both physical forces and weather elements.

Off-road motorcyclists especially make use of this gear due to the amazing protection it offers.

This armor is made using high-density EVA and PVC fabric, which help to reduce and spread out the impact, thus preventing damage to your bones.

Strong, durable padding is placed all around the arms and shoulders to offer complete protection of them. This padding is made out of tough material and is held securely to the jacket.

The chest plate is designed to spread out the impact, and it minimizes the damage to your ribs. A large backplate is used, and the padding is thick to ensure complete protection of the spine.

All these have vents for better airflow, so you don't feel too hot while wearing them.

Since the whole jacket and mesh are waterproof, you can use it while you're out riding in the rain. The fabric used is quite breathable and prevents you from feeling stuffy.

Due to the extra padding and mesh used, there is a degree of insulation that can help you keep warm even when you ride during winter.


  • Can be used for both street biking and off-road biking
  • Provides entire body protection
  • Has adjustable Velcro straps
  • Features large vents for ventilation and to reduce stuffiness
  • Designed to work with a large variety of body sizes


  • The cuffs are a bit tight

6. Ridbiker Motorcycle Full Body Armor

Ridbiker Motorcycle Full Body Armor
Ridbiker Motorcycle Full Body Armor

Available in both black and red, the Ridbiker motorcycle armor makes protection look fashionable. Not only does it offer solid full-body protection, it is quite light and very comfortable to wear while also looking stylish.

If you want a good option for street biking, it's difficult to pass this one up.

Elastic mesh fabric is used for the base of this armor. The fabric is breathable, and the mesh is durable and won't get holes in it or tear easily.

It is also water-resistant, so sudden rain isn't as much of an issue for this item.

PE rubber and stretchable EVA plates are used for shielding the wearer. They are strategically placed to ensure full body protection but don't get in the way of your driving.

These protective pads cover the chest, back, shoulders, elbows, and forearms. They have a thickness of 1.5cm and feature very good shock absorption.

Adjustable elastic straps are present around the waist and arms. You can change them until you get your perfect fit. The zipper is also quite durable and doesn't snag on the fabric.

This unit is a good balance of protection while also being comfortable to wear. It doesn't offer the best protection against the cold, so keep that in mind if you tend to ride a lot in winter.


  • Durable mesh is used, which doesn't tear easily
  • Protective pads are strong and help to reduce impact force
  • Elastic straps are adjustable
  • Vents are featured, which help to prevent excessive sweating
  • The polyester thread zipper is quite strong


  • Doesn't offer the best protection against the cold

7. Takuey Motorbike Full Body Armor Protective Gear

Takuey Motorbike Full Body Armor Protective Gear
Takuey Motorbike Full Body Armor Protective Gear

For a budget option, the Takuey motorbike armor is another best armoured motorcycle jacket. Although it doesn't offer the extreme protection that other more expensive motorcycle armors might provide, it still helps prevent injuries from slips and is a good safety option.

The high elastic foam material is used to make the padding and plates in this armor.

Although foam is not the best form of protection, it still helps prevent abrasion from slides, and the design of these plates offers solid full-body protection.

For everyday use, this is quite viable, and the full-body protection is valuable.

The pads are sculpted to be breathable so that you don't get tired from excessive sweating. This is a good jacket even for hot summer days.

The mesh further aids this as it is made from comfortable fabric and fits easily, so you don't feel restricted.

Alongside an adult version of this armor, there are also ones designed for kids. The hook loop closure system is very secure, and there is very little to worry about the armor coming off. It is also adjustable, so you can set it to your preference.


  • The armor is a very good budget option
  • Offers full body protection and prevents abrasions
  • Elastic padding prevents movement from being restricted
  • Available in a large variety of sizes
  • Pads are breathable, so good for hot days


  • Not good for off-road riding

8. GSOU Motorcycle Full Body Protective Jacket

GSOU Motorcycle Full Body Protective Jacket
GSOU Motorcycle Full Body Protective Jacket

Finally, on our list, we have motorcycle armor from GSOU. This is an expensive but extremely high-quality motorcycle armor made for both street and off-road riders alike.

High-quality PE plastic and EVA injected protective padding are used for protection. These offer very good shock absorption and spread the impact out, preventing great damage during an accident.

These also help to prevent abrasion in case you fall off and slide. The padding is placed around key parts of your body, such as your shoulder, ribs, forearms, elbows, and back.

There is also a thick waist strap that helps to protect your waist and spleen from injury. All these are securely connected with tough Velcro, so you don't have to worry about them loosening.

Wear-resistant PVC and lycra mesh cloth is used to make the inner part of the jacket. These help you stay cool by providing ventilation and are also stretchable, allowing for better fitting based on your body size.

The armor comes in a large variety of sizes and is available for use for both genders. Overall, this is an excellent unit and a safe pick.


  • Has good shock absorption to prevent injuries
  • Lycra mesh cloth is breathable and keeps the rider cool
  • The jacket is stretchable so that it will become a comfortable fit after some use
  • Waist strap protects your stomach area from injury
  • Usable for both genders


  • This item is on the more expensive side

How Effective Is Motorcycle Armor?

The main use of motorcycle armor is for protection. The effectiveness of the protection depends on how good the armor is. Proper padding and material go a long way to save you from a broken rib or shoulder.

Hence, it is important to buy a good one whenever you go on to buy motorcycle armor.

Low-quality motorcycle armor won't provide enough protection. It's also important to have pads that cover vital areas, including shoulders, back, and forearms.

At times of a serious accident, a bike jacket or armor, a riding pant and a pair of best cruiser motorcycle boots can make all the difference.

Although some people might think motorcycle armor is restrictive, that is not the case. Most recent motorcycle armors and those on this list have been engineered to provide rider safety and are comfortable to wear.

There is no harm in wearing motorcycle armor unless you are wearing a low-quality one.

Motorcycle Armor Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Size of Bike Jacket Is Appropriate?

This depends mostly on your body type and size. It also depends on how comfortable you are wearing a particular size.

If available, you can consider choosing a size that is one size larger than your usual clothes.

2. Is the Elastic Belt Compulsory to Wear on Some Models?

The belt acts as both; a security measure and safety provider. It is recommended to strap the belt wherever you go riding.

3. What Material Is the Best for Protection?

EVA plastic provides great protection and shock absorption. Along with the material, make sure the jacket has padding in the important areas.

Final Words for Motorcycle Armor Buyers

We hope that this article has proven useful in helping you find the best motorcycle armor . Having good armor is always good, as motorcycle accidents can be terrifying.

It's best to take every safety precaution you can and remember to drive safely.

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