Best 4×6 Speakers: Reviews, Buying Guide, and FAQs 2023

by Chris Lewis.

When you notice that your in-car speakers are making your music sound terrible, it's time to invest in a solid set of 4x6 speakers. Don't worry if you don't know where to begin. We have selected some of the finest 4x6 speakers on the marketplace to provide you with a superb sound experience for many upcoming years. Continue reading to figure out which one will be yours. Setting up a new set of 4x6 speakers is among the simplest and most cost-effective methods to update your car's stock sound system. A new set of speakers will create more sound and quality than the conventional set that comes with your vehicle system. Several brands and items to select from, and narrowing down the best options may be difficult. Please read our 4x6 speakers assessment below to pick the finest ones for your truck, car, or SUV.

The speakers in your automobile are vital because they can amuse you as you drive. Because of technological advances, today's speakers may be used for various applications.

You may listen to audiobooks/lectures on most 4x6 speakers. It also involves listening to music and talking on your phone via a Bluetooth connection. However, finding the ideal speaker might be difficult due to the many types available.

As a result, you may choose the best overall quality, usefulness, watts peak needed, power, and size, among other factors. This analysis will keep you up to date on the top 4x6 speakers.

The performance of the speakers you add has a significant impact on the entire audio quality in your car. While 4x6 speakers might not provide the strongest bass, they create clear and robust sounds. We realize how difficult it may be to discover the finest 4x6 speakers. Therefore our shopping guide covers some of the top 4x6 speakers on the market.

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The Advantages of 4x6 Speakers

• Excellent audio quality. The majority of 4x6 speakers generate a clear and realistic sound. Even though they can be relied on to create strong bass, they produce music with a wide frequency range, implying better mids and highs. This is perfect for enjoying hip-hop, classical, soft rock, pop, and reggae.

•Great investment. You can play higher and lower tones with 4x6 full-range speakers without extra woofer/speaker parts. You may purchase a single pair of speakers that provides all you need in terms of superb sound quality without needing to spend a bunch on additional sound devices for your car.

•Have fun while driving. Excellent speakers may elevate the ambiance inside your vehicle. It's thrilling to listen to your favorite songs via speakers that allow you to hear every music detail, from the peaks to the low points.

4x6 Speakers of Various Types

Component Speakers

Component speakers provide the finest audio quality, but they need separate drivers. To optimize the sound experience, the drivers might be a mix of subwoofers, tweeters, and subwoofers installed in various locations around the car. A crossover mechanism is included with component speakers, which transports low-frequency range to the subwoofers and high-frequency range to the tweeters.

Speakers with a Full Range

The most popular car speakers are full-range or coaxial speakers, including tweeters and a woofer cone. Because their drivers are near one another, they can handle various frequencies. They do, however, offer inferior audio quality than component speakers but are less expensive. Furthermore, each coaxial speaker is customized based on the number of drivers: two-way, three-way, and so on.

Pricing for the Best 4x6 Speakers

• Under $50: Set aside this much for a coaxial or component speaker that can be installed on a vehicle door. Most of the speakers in this area have a poor low-frequency output and are therefore unsuitable for bass. However, the majority of them provide excellent mid-range tones. Furthermore, most do not include a grille.

•$50 and up: This is the pricing level for high-end speakers with a broader frequency range span. The majorities of the speakers in this category offer an excellent bass response and are made of sturdy materials.

Continue reading to learn about the finest 4x6 speakers on the market today and why you should include one of them in your next update of your stock speakers!

Top 8 Best 4×6 Speakers

Top 8 Best 4×6 Speakers
Top 8 Best 4×6 Speakers

1. Rockford Fosgate 4"x 6" 2-way P1462 Punch Full Range Speaker - Link

Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 4
Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 4

There are no better 4x6 speakers on the market than the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462 speakers. These are unquestionably the best option for the highest peak power and good accuracy. This company is well-known for developing high-quality audio technology, and it is at the top of the list when it comes to car speakers.

When you buy these speakers, you get the complete package. If you want a precise sound command that everyone will appreciate, these are the speakers for you. As previously stated, they are not intended for blowing out at total volume. These speakers succeed in projecting clean, undistorted music, despite their substantial 70W output.

The remarkable frequency range of 90Hz - 22 kHz and the sensitivity of 90dB are two of our favorite features. These speakers have a lot of power and a wide frequency range. Rockford is recognized for pushing the boundaries of a car speaker's achievable goals, which is a clear example. These vintage speakers will endure a long time and deliver endless hours of excellent audio.


  • Tried and tested - these speakers are among of the most renowned in the 4x6 sizes and get great reviews for their sound control and clarity 90Hz - 22kHz frequency range
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • Solid manufacture with a butyl rubber surround


  • High quality comes at a higher price - these speakers are undoubtedly more costly than some of the other alternatives on the list, but we swear they're worth it.
  • If you're searching for extraordinary audio power, this isn't the speaker for you - it only produces 70W per speaker.

2. Pair of Skar Audio 140W 2-Way TX46 4" x 6" Car Speakers - Link

Skar Audio TX46 4
Skar Audio TX46 4

The skar audio TX46 4x6 coaxial speakers are created and manufactured for audiophiles who want high-quality sound. Furthermore, TX speakers are very efficient and robust, ensuring an unsurpassed listening experience at higher volumes.

It has a 1.25-inch copper voice coil and a superior ferrite magnet that generates enough live music power. This gadget has a fiberglass cone with a quality TPE enclosing a midrange part that improves its responsiveness throughout a broad frequency range.

It contains top silk dome tweeters, which allow it to offer accurate frequency and excellent rich sound. As a result, make it your first choice now and enjoy lovely sounds while driving your car. It is a high-quality product at a low price.


  • High-quality product
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB
  • Efficient and robust
  • Powerful Ferrite Magnet

3. Kicker 4-Ohm KSC4604 4x6 Coax Speakers with.5" Tweeters - Link

Kicker KSC4604 KSC460 4x6 Coax Speakers with.5
Kicker KSC4604 KSC460 4x6 Coax Speakers with.5

Kicker two-way speakers have a polypropylene woofer, robust rubber surrounds, firm power handling (150 watts peak output), and an expanded dynamic range. The silk dome tweeters provide a pleasant sound and deliver crisp highs and mids. They are simple to install and fit numerous GM automobiles and trucks. They sound fantastic even without a subwoofer and can withstand power without fading or distorting.

One disadvantage is that you may need to adjust for the speakers to fit correctly. They don't have a lot of basses. After a while, they may begin to crackle and pop. Furthermore, there may not be a discernible difference in quality between these and your default speakers. Even though you can operate them without an amplifier or a subwoofer, they won't perform to their maximum capacity without these additional components.


  • Highs and mids are clean.
  • Simple to install
  • There will be no clipping or distortion.


  • Modifications may be required.
  • There is minimal bass.
  • After a limited time of usage, the product may crack or pop.

4. Kicker 4x6" 43DSC4604 2-way Speaker Pair - Link

Kicker 43DSC4604 4x6
Kicker 43DSC4604 4x6

These two-way, four-ohm Kicker speakers offer 240 watts peak/60 watts RMS and thin-profile woofers. They are well-built and feature a small amount of tweeter protrusion. The highs are clean and clear. They have a good amount of bass, considering their size. They are simple to install and will fit in the majority of vehicles. They are strong enough to complement a subwoofer rather than overpowered by one, which is not unusual for items in this price bracket.

Minor changes may be required to install them into your car correctly. Although they have a solid mid-range impact, they may distort if you push the sound up. They sound wonderful around town, yet they are not that loud when you go on the highway. They also need the use of a subwoofer to function correctly.


  • Well-built feature
  • Highs are clear and clean
  • Provides good amount of bass


  • Not that loud

5. JBL Club 6420 Club Series 4x6" 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers, 70W RMS - Link

JBL Club 6420 4x6
JBL Club 6420 4x6

These speakers have 3 Ohm impedance, a power handling capacity of 70W RMS, & 105W peak. They have a sensitivity of 91 dB, indicating that they aren't power-demanding. They have a high level of sensitivity and superb bass. At greater levels, the tweeter is precise and doesn't strain the ears. These speakers sound great because of their low impedance. They can become loud without distortions even when combined with a factory head unit. The speaker's lows are dark, while the highs are bright.

One disadvantage is that they take some time to settle in for the bass to start hitting clean and more profound. At first, don't anticipate bursting bass and intense lows. It would take approximately a month of usage before you could hear the audio you're looking for. Furthermore, the speaker's terminals are weak, so take caution while setting them in.


  • They are not hungry for power.
  • Outstanding treble and mid-range.
  • Impedance is low.


  • Terminals are fragile
  • Need some time to break in.
  • Crossovers are required for optimum sound.

6. Pioneer A-Series TS-A6986R 600W 4-Way 6" X 9" Speakers - Link

Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6
Pioneer TS-A6986R A-Series 6

The sixth speaker on our selection falls into the mid-level category. They're really robust and trustworthy speakers that will get the job done. The Pioneer TS-A6986R speakers are strong and powerful speakers that consistently outperform expectations. When you buy them, you're receiving a lot of audio power, with a wattage rating of 600W.

These may be precisely what you require. If you want superb all-around speakers that will undoubtedly get the job done and deliver a notable upgrade over your factory speakers. We found that some customers had to make changes to get these speakers to suit, but if you're not scared of a bit of tinkering, they can suit a wide variety of cars!

We highly suggest these if you're searching for some great speakers that won't break the budget. These are necessary for excellent power handling and maximum output.


  • An excellent all-around speaker.
  • 600W of power for outrageous audio output
  • Four-way speakers


  • For a mid-level speaker, it's a little costly.
  • At maximum output, it will distort.

7. A Series 5.25" 3-Way TS-A1370F Car Speakers - Link

TS-A1370F A Series 5.25” 300 Watts Max 3-Way Car Speakers Pair with Carbon and Mica Reinforced Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) Cone Construction
TS-A1370F A Series 5.25” 300 Watts Max 3-Way Car Speakers Pair with Carbon and Mica Reinforced Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) Cone Construction

The Pioneer speakers feature four-ohm impedance and can take up to 200W of maximum power, producing a clear and powerful voice. The mids have a good amount of bass. The highs are clear and sharp but not unpleasant. They are responsive, work well with factory head units, and are simple to install. The overall audio quality is clean and well-balanced.

This speaker type will serve individuals who don't need earth-shaking bass. Expect no rumbling lows (if you need hard-hitting bass, you'll require a subwoofer). Since they're a bit power-hungry, you'll require an extra amplifier to experience their full potential.


  • The sound that is rich and strong
  • Highs that are clean and sharp


  • It is simple to set up and very responsive.
  • The bass isn't all that fantastic.
  • Better performance necessitates the use of a subwoofer and an amplifier.
  • A little power-hungry

8. Pyle Triaxial Loud Audio 4" x 6" Three Way Sound Speaker System - Link

Pyle 4'' x 6'' Three Way Sound Speaker System - Pro Mid Range Triaxial Loud Audio 240 Watt per Pair w/ 4 Ohm Impedance and 3/4'' Piezo Tweeter for Car Component Stereo PL463BL
Pyle 4'' x 6'' Three Way Sound Speaker System - Pro Mid Range Triaxial Loud Audio 240 Watt per Pair w/ 4 Ohm Impedance and 3/4'' Piezo Tweeter for Car Component Stereo PL463BL

This triaxial audio system includes a 1" neodymium film dome midrange and a 3/4" piezo tweeter. It also has a 1" ASV voice coil for elevated temperature and high-wattage environments. They are ideal for anybody searching for low-cost yet high-quality speakers for their car or vehicle. They're well-crafted, constructed of materials comparable to those found in higher-end speakers. They appear, sound, and feel superb.

They are not for audiophiles, despite their low price. Even if the mids sound relatively clear, the highs aren't good. The distortion appears early on, and the bass quality is poor. For best sound, they should be accompanied by a compact amplifier, ideally with a crossover, as well as a subwoofer. They could also begin to pop, growl, or crackle after a few months of usage.


  • Low cost yet high quality
  • Excellent build
  • Voice coil is useful in high-temperature and high-wattage settings.


  • The highs aren't good.
  • Bass isn't outstanding.
  • After a short time of usage, they may pop or hiss.

Buying Guide

Not all 4x6 speakers sound similar or withstand the same amount of power. There are many aspects to check when updating your sound system when it comes to car speakers.

RMS Power Rating vs. Peak Power Rating

The peak power and RMS power rating indicate the amount of power that the speakers can withstand. Follow the RMS rating if you like to keep your speakers' integrity. You wouldn't want to overheat the voice coil, which may blow out speakers.


This measurement of the speaker's sound is proportional to the power provided. Built-in speakers often have lesser power, typically 15 W RMS or less, which indicates they would sound quite better with high-sensitivity (with a sensitivity of 90 dB or more) speakers.

Range of Frequency

Audio quality and range of frequency range are inextricably linked. Seek for a speaker with a broad frequency range if you want to generate hard-hitting bass as well as vivid mids and highs. The frequency range of the top 4×6 automobile audio speakers will be between 50Hz and 100Hz.

Dimensions and Shape

When choosing the finest 4×6 car speakers, consider the form and size of your factory speakers. As you know not all additional speakers will fit precisely in your car. You'll have to make some adjustments to get a suitable fit. Luckily, most of the oval-shaped speakers feature square plates with varied drilling holes.


If you like to have a finest 4×6 speaker for the budget, you must first decide how much money you are ready to pay. Though some speakers are pretty inexpensive, they may not have all the characteristics you need to assemble a high-quality audio system. Investing a little extra money may sometimes make a significant difference in audio quality.

Using tips for 4×6 Speakers

  • The advantage of 4×6 speakers is that they are often simple to install. You must also select whether to totally rebuild your audio system or merely replace the original equipment speakers in your vehicle, truck, or SUV.
  • Even the most outstanding 4×6 speakers will not create strong bass, owing to their tiny size. A good-quality amp and subwoofer are also required if you want a loud, snappy bass.
  • Start Looking for speakers made of lightweight materials if you like to minimize vibration and distortions. Polymer or rubber speakers are a wise option because they sound better and will last longer than conventional speakers as they will not wear down.


• Listening to your favorite song is the most excellent method to test your 4×6 speakers. Listen to the rhythmic pattern, bass, and vocals; your ears will notify you whether or not you have a decent enough speaker.

  • Always listen to high-quality audio to get the most out of your new speakers' audio. You may not recognize all of the highs and lows in truncated music files, and you should not criticize your speakers for this.
  • Because 4×6 speakers aren't designed for bass, consider matching them with a newer subwoofer and amplifier. Setup the subwoofer in the trunk to get lower frequencies from the rear end and your 4×6 speakers to deliver mids and highs from the front.

4×6 Speaker FAQs

Do you require an amplifier for 4×6 speakers?

A: No, not always. While some speakers require an additional amp to supply the unit, most 4×6 speakers can be powered by your factory stereo. These speakers are not designed for low frequencies, requiring a high power output and an additional amplifier. If you're concerned about your stereo causing damage to your speakers, you could get a different amp that best fits the RMS rating of your speakers.

How much output powers do my 4×6 speakers require?

A: The speakers typically benefit from receiving more power than a factory stereo can provide. RMS power is likely to be listed in your speaker's specifications. Generally, the power rating varies between 5 and 60 watts RMS. Furthermore, according to the manufacturer, the maximum figure represents the driving power that your speaker wants to play at its greatest and fullest.

Should I replace any wiring when assembling aftermarket speakers?

A: Speakers with an RMS rating of fewer than 50 watts work perfectly with factory-installed wires. However, if your speakers have an RMS rating of 50 watts or higher, you must look to replace the cables. Your factory wires may not be capable of handling that amount of power and will eventually burn out. Check your owner's manual or a car audio specialist to see if your factory wires are compatible with the new speakers.

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Kicker 43DSC4604 4x6" 2-way Speaker Pair - Walmart Link

Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 4"x 6" 2-way Full Range Speaker (Pair) - Walmart Link

Infinity REF-6422cfx 135W Reference Series Coaxial Car Speaker with Edge-Driven, Textile - Walmart Link

Polk Audio DB461P 4x6-Inch Coaxial Plate-Style Speakers (Pair, Black) - Walmart Link

Pyle 4'' x 6'' Three Way Sound Speaker System - Pro Mid Range Triaxial Loud Audio 240 - Walmart Link

BOSS Audio Systems CH4630 Car Speakers - 250 Watts of Power Per Pair and 125 Watts Each, - Walmart Link

PIONEER TS-A4670F 4"" x6 4-Way Coaxial Speaker, Black - Walmart Link

JBL Stage 6402 4 Inch X 6 Inch 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers - Walmart Link

InstallGear 4" x 6" Two-Way Car Speaker System - Walmart Link

CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE H746 HED(R) Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (4" x 6", 275 Watts max) - Walmart Link

Buy on eBay

Infinity Kappa 4"x6" 2-Way Loudspeakers-Pair (Black) - eBay Link

Kicker 43DSC4604 4x6" 2-way Speaker Pair - eBay Link

Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch 4"x 6" 2-way Full Range Speaker (Pair) - eBay Link

Infinity REF-6422cfx 135W Reference Series Coaxial Car Speaker with Edge-Driven, Textile - eBay Link

Polk Audio DB461P 4x6-Inch Coaxial Plate-Style Speakers (Pair, Black) - eBay Link

Pyle 4'' x 6'' Three Way Sound Speaker System - Pro Mid Range Triaxial Loud Audio 240 - eBay Link

BOSS Audio Systems CH4630 Car Speakers - 250 Watts of Power Per Pair and 125 Watts Each, - eBay Link

PIONEER TS-A4670F 4"" x6 4-Way Coaxial Speaker, Black - eBay Link

JBL Stage 6402 4 Inch X 6 Inch 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers - eBay Link

InstallGear 4" x 6" Two-Way Car Speaker System - eBay Link

CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE H746 HED(R) Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (4" x 6", 275 Watts max) - eBay Link

Conclusion for 4×6 Speaker Buyers

Whenever you need the finest 4×6 speakers, this article will help you choose the finest that delivers exceptional performance. You should be aware that each of the speakers mentioned above has distinct characteristics that make them worthwhile to invest in.

If you want to replace your old speakers, these are ideal. Preferably, it would help if you base your decision on the audio's purpose, appearance, and quality. Perhaps if you have the factory car stereo fitted, the sound reproduction will vastly improve. Moreover, these products are inexpensive, and you will be delighted with their performance. Get one from the marketplace today and enjoy your music more effectively. These speakers can also be used for home audio.

There are so many good speakers out there that it can be confusing. Simply Googling 4×6 car speakers yields a plethora of lists and category pages, which is why we took the time to produce this comprehensive 4×6 speaker's guide for customers like you.

We hope you found this helpful guide; now get your speakers!

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