Q: How often should I check my oil?

A: microGreen recommends that no matter what brand of oil filter you use, whether it is a microGreen filter or a conventional filter, or whatever oil maintenance interval you follow, that you should check the engine oil level of your vehicle at least monthly to ensure optimal operation.

Q: What filter part number fits my vehicle?

A: We have filters to fit nearly every vehicle on the market. Use our Find Your Filter tool to find the part number for your application.

Q: I use brand X oil filter, what is your part number to replace it?

A: On our Find Your Filter tool, you can input any brand’s product number into the “Search by Part Number” field to find the exact microGreen part number that corresponds with your existing filter.

Q: Can I buy from you directly?

A: Individual consumers can purchase our products directly via Amazon. Anyone looking to purchase more than twelve filters per part number should contact our sales team at sales@somstech.com or 877-757-7667 x703 for a discount.

Q: Where can I buy microGreen filters?

A: : Our filters are sold on Amazon, but we also have distributors throughout the U.S. and a few outside of the states. They include:

Q: How can I see how well my microGreen filter is performing?

A: The only way to actually see if your filter is preforming well is to do oil analysis. There are many reputable testing agencies across the U.S.

Q: Does using the microGreen filter affect my vehicle warranty?

Using the microGreen filter does not in any way invalidate your vehicle warranty. Additionally, a warranty claim cannot be denied simply because you use the filter. Please go to our Warranty page for more information on vehicle warranties and the microGreen product warranty.

Q: Do microGreen filters meet or exceed OEM requirements?

A: All of our filters are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all of the OEM performance requirements. New car and truck warranties remain fully in effect. We also provide a SOMS limited warranty—learn more about it on our Warranty page.

Q: How often should I change my oil and filter?

A: Our dual-stage filter system provides superior oil cleaning capabilities, enabling you to extend oil and filter change intervals up to two to three times longer than traditional filters allow.

Q: How is the microGreen Spin-On filter different than the one I currently have in my vehicle?

A: The microGreen oil filter is a dual-stage filter. The first stage is a full flow element filter that removes harmful particles between 25-40 microns in size, while a second stage microfilter removes particles down to two microns in size. This additional stage of filtering allows for the oil to stay cleaner longer and therefore enables you to extend your service intervals. You can learn more about the filter here.

Q: Why should I buy a microGreen oil filter when my current one appears to work just fine?

A: There are 3 primary reasons you should buy the microGreen® oil filter:

  1. Performance: The microGreen oil filter has superior cleaning capabilities, which keep your oil cleaner longer.
  2. Costs: The microGreen oil filter can save you significantly on your oil maintenance costs.
  3. Sustainability: By decreasing oil filter usage, you lessen the impact on the environment. 
Q: Can you change the oil filter without changing the oil?

A: Yes. When you remove the filter there will be residual oil in the old filter. Install the new microGreen oil filter and then 'top-up' oil to replace the amount that was in the old filter. 

Q: How do I know your new oil filter works?

A: Without oil analysis, you don’t know if any oil filter works. We recommend using engine oil analysis to test your oil. There are many reputable testing agencies in the U.S. at a reasonable cost you can utilize. The microGreen filter has undergone extensive laboratory and field testing to validate its superior performance. Please select your filter type for more detailed information on testing and validation.

Q: My current filter has an anti-drainback valve. Does the microGreen filter?

A: Yes. microGreen is a direct replacement for OEM filters and, as required by the application, will have an anti-drainback valve.

Q: What is the opening pressure on the by-bass valve on the microGreen filter?

A: The by-pass valve is set to mirror OEM requirements for specific part numbers. 

Q: Will using a microGreen filter void my new car warranty?

A: The microGreen oil filter will absolutely not void any vehicle warranties. Any manufacturer or dealership that tells you use of our filters, or any aftermarket filter, will affect your warranty may be in violation of federal law. Please visit our Warranty page for more information on this topic, and to learn more about the product warranty available for microGreen filters.

Q: Is it true that oil breaks down or loses viscosity when it is used?

A: Lubricating oil is a highly engineered product that is developed to withstand use under the heat and friction in an engine. However, the reason vehicle owners have to change their oil, usually as often as every 3,000 miles, is because the oil becomes contaminated with small particles. These particles are accelerants, initiating a cycle that causes changes in the viscosity and chemistry of the oil that leads to breakdown. If lubricating oil is kept cleaner, the cycle can be slowed down, significantly decelerating changes to the oil and allowing the oil to be used much longer.

Q: Can the microGreen filter be used with conventional or synthetic oil?

A: Yes it can. In fact, using the microGreen® filter will extend the life of both conventional and synthetic oils.

Q: Will extending the drain intervals and using oil up to 30,000 miles have a negative effect on the additive package in the oil?

A: The microGreen filter is unique in that it captures particles as small as two microns in size. In a traditional filter, these small particles are not removed and, therefore, deplete the additive package and lead to chemical changes in the oil. By keeping the oil cleaner, the microGreen filter ensures that the additive package remains active in the oil for up to 30,000 miles.

Extensive on-road testing and oil analyses clearly indicate that using the microGreen oil filter, even after 30,000 miles, does not adversely affect the viscosity, wear metals and oxidation (TAN/TBN) levels in the oil. All of these levels remain within normal operating conditions throughout the extended oil life. Clearly, these levels cannot be maintained if the additives can been depleted.

Research has shown that heavy-duty trucks using by-pass filters can extend their drain intervals without affecting the additive packages. The microGreen filter works in the same manner as by-pass filters by utilizing a secondary high efficiency filter to remove small particles from the oil.

In chemical analyses of the microGreen filtered oil indicate that the microGreen filter only contains contaminant particles—it does not filter any of the additive package.